Q & A with Richard Santiago

Keith: Ladies and Gentleman, we are back with another TheMMATakeover.com interview. My name is Keith Shillan. Today’s guest is an undefeated professional Mixed Martial Arts fighter, fighting out of CES MMA  He has a 3-0 record and returns to the action this Friday March 31st at CES MMA when he faces Chad Kelly. Ladies and Gentleman, Richard Santiago. Richard, how are you man ?

Richard: I am fabulous my friend, good to be here, thanks for having me!

Keith: How did you get into MMA?

Richard: So I wrestled for a really long time, then after wrestling was done, I didn’t really have anything to do so Jorge Rivera opened a gym in my home town in Milford. I became good friends with him and the rest is as they say history!

Keith: Who you training with and how long have you been training there?

Richard: Right now my Maine gym is BST MMA in Mendon. I have been there for almost a year now! My coaches Rolando Julio and Todd. I have know for much longer though they keep me ready

Keith: Do you have a nickname? If not, we got to get you one

Richard:No one has ever giving me a  nick name but my t shirts say “Richie rich” so I guess that’s it!

Keith: When you analyze you game, what do you consider to be the best part of your game, and what part are you working on improving the most?

Richard:I started out as a wrestler and jiu Jitsu doesn’t work on me, so I’m definitely working on improving my striking the most!

Keith: You fight at 135 lbs. How much do you normally walk around? How much do you cut for a fight?

Richard: Well between fights I’m pretty undisciplined with my diet so I am liable to get up to 157ish but for this fight surprisingly I went into camp light, and the cut has been very easy for me so far!

Keith: You are a perfect 3-0 in professional MMA. Do you feel any pressure to keep your perfect record, or do you not pay attention to it?

Richard: I mean it’s just more motivation to knock out the squirt gun!

Keith: You are fighting Chad Kelly on Friday, how did camp go for this fight?

Richard: Camp was awesome. I got a lot of work with my coaches and training partners at BST but I also did some cross training for this fight at Tri-Force MMA working with some savages and I’m healthy and I’m just excited! Camp could not have gone any better!

Keith: What do you know about your opponent? What areas do you have to be most concerned about? What weakness do you see and think you can exploit?

Richard: Chad is tough. He’s pretty well rounded but he’s not great at anything so I’m pretty sure I’ll be better at everything all around and I’m gonna stop the squirt gun

Keith: What would a win over Chad Kelly do for your career?

Richard: It would look good on my record I guess, I mean he has been around for a while and people know who he is.

Keith: If you beat Chad Kelly, who would you like to fight next? Have they talked to you about fighting for the vacant title?

Richard: When I win this fight I’m gonna grab some food from the KFC/Taco Bell at the venue and a drink and sit down and watch my brother Kris do work and s for the title they haven’t talked to me yet but the Champ is coming

Keith: What’s your prediction for your fight? Round and Method?

Richard: Pain

Keith: If you could fight anybody past or present, who would you pick?

Richard: Bruce Lee, I think he is overrated.

Keith: When you aren’t fighting or training, how do you prefer to pass your time?

Richard: Getting hammered at Pinz

Keith: Have Your “Submitted to the Takeover”

Richard: Yes the take over was too much, I have submitted!

Keith: We thank you for taking some time to speak with us. We wish you luck in your fight and Welcome to the MMA Takeover Family

Richard: Thank you for having me, I am excited to be apart of the take over and I just want to thank my team over at BST and I want to thank all my friends and family who are coming out to support me on Friday!

Ladies and Gentleman that was our interview with CES MMA Fighter Richard Santiago. Make sure to check out his fight this Friday at CES 42 against Chad Kelly atTwin River Casino. Also to receive the best MMA coverage around head over to our website, the MMA Takeover.com. You can also follow us on social media. We are on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and You Tube. Thanks for listening.

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