Q & A with Kevin Ray Sears

Kevinsears.jpg Kevin Sears, courtesy of Kevin Sears Facebook page.
Photo Courtesy of FightFan.net

By Nick Portella

What’s up fight fans? I had the opportunity to sit down with Shamrock FC heavyweight Kevin Ray Sears Jr. At the age of 30 he has a perfect amateur MMA record of 5-0. He currently has a professional record of 6-3. Sears is a Heavyweight fighting out of Child’s Play MMA. Kevin is ranked number 17 among Heavyweights in the US Southwest.
I would like to add a note for the fans. I got to interact with Kevin on a few levels and I cannot say enough about this guy. He is a great person outside of cage and probably one of the best people I had the chance to encounter.
Without further delay let’s sit with Kevin and get to know a little bit more about him.

Nick: What does it mean (for you) to be a fighter?
Kevin: To be a warrior in this day and age and be considered the best “just like back in Roman times when they were Gladiators” that’s just a reference.

Nick: At what age did you begin to train martial arts?
Kevin: Well I’ve always been training. I used to watch all kinds of martial arts movies and the Power Rangers. I’d pretend to be a mixed martial artist ever since I was a little kid so you can kind of say I’ve been training my whole life pretending to be my favorite superheroes. I actually started wrestling when I was in 6th grade in middle school. I continued to learn all the way through high school until I transitioned to training full-time in MMA about 10 years ago.

Nick: What belts do you have and what disciplines do you train?
Kevin: I have an amateur heavyweight belt for Sparta Combat League that I got going 5-0 in my amateur career. My disciplines are wrestling, BJJ, kickboxing, and boxing. As a professional I am still looking for my first title.

Nick: With a perfect amateur record of 5-0, why did you decide to go to the professional level so quickly?
Kevin: I decided to go professional so fast because there was nobody else to fight at the amateur level. I could not get anyone to accept fights with me. It was really hard to find fights around Colorado because all my fights were finishes with the exception of one which was a unanimous decision. I went pro to fight better talent.

Nick: How long have you been with Child’s Play MMA?
Kevin: I’ve been with Child’s Play MMA for a year now. I was at American Top Team Altitude with Bobby Lashley for the past seven years and unfortunately the gym closed down. I then transitioned to one of the teams that I knew would take care of me. We are child’s Play MMA and Family Affair Boxing now. Two gyms combined to make one bad ass gym. Excuse my language.

Nick: With an extensive background in wrestling and backyard brawling do you prefer to keep the fight on your feet or take it to the ground?
Kevin: Well that’s the great thing. It doesn’t matter where the fight goes; I’m comfortable either on the ground or on my feet.

Nick: What would you say your biggest strengths are, and what’s the thing you need to work on the most?
Kevin: My biggest strength is my wrestling. I definitely need to work on stop taking so many hits to the head.

Nick: What’s your favorite strike/submission to use in any fight?
Kevin: My favorite strike is an uppercut and my favorite submission is a guillotine choke.

Nick: There is always talk about next generation of fighters, and the Heavyweight class is rarely in the spotlight. Do you feel that your style represents the next generation of professional mixed martial arts heavyweight?
Kevin: Most definitely. I feel like my cardio is key to victory and being a fast heavyweight. I got to keep trained up in all the new techniques because the sport is evolving every single day.

Nick: With cutting weight and fighter safety always being a priority, what methods of cutting weight do you use? How much weight do you usually have to cut before a fight? Do you feel the weight cut has a major impact on your strength before a fight?
Kevin: Yes cutting weight effectively is the key to victory. Fortunately for me I only had to cut weight for a couple fights. Most I’ve ever had to cut is 15 pounds. The best way to do it is get your butt to 24 hour fitness center and get in their sauna. I like to do three 25 minute sessions with three minute breaks in between then jump in the pool for a cool off and that usually does the trick. I do it every day two weeks before the fight.

Nick: Shamrock FC is one of the local promotions in the MMA world but has put on many good shows and found amazing talent such as yourself, do you have any plans to try and get signed in the UFC or Bellator at some point in your career? If so which one and why?
Kevin: Of course that’s the goal of all this, to get to the big show where I’m fighting people out of the country. I’d love to fight for Bellator but my goal is to get to UFC. I would be happy to take either one. There are a few more out there I wouldn’t mind being signed with such as One Championship and Rizin.

Nick: Your nickname is Blackness and Kimbo Jr., who gave you that name and why?
Kevin: I got my blackness name back in high school. I was the only black kid in the school so my homeboys would call me the blackness. They would say I’ll put you in the blackness after I knock you out. I got the name Kimbo Jr. fighting fools in the streets for fun so I took up the nickname Kimbo Jr.

Nick: What is next for you in the fight world? I know your fans are eager to know.
Kevin: Well there are some rumors that I might be making my way to 205 but you guys are just going to have to wait and see. I might take a heavyweight fight here or there we’re just going to have to see what they put on the table for me. Just keep following me you never know I might do something.

Nick: If you could have one dream fight with anyone, who would it be? Why?
Kevin: God what a great question. My dream fight would be Rampage Jackson versus Kevin Ray Sears. Let me tell you why. I stayed in line for 2 hours waiting to get Rampage Jackson’s autograph at the very first UFC Expo in Las Vegas. I got to him and he signed my hat and he basically scribbled his name in it. I asked him to resign it and he ignored me and he tried to keep my pen. I said I hope one day I fight you and he looked at me, looked away, and laughed out loud. True story.

Nick: Any breaking news going on with you Mr. Sears? I would like to be the first to get it out there for you.
Kevin: No breaking news yet but stay tuned. I’ll let you guys know when something comes up. Keep following me, thanks for everything, God bless, and keep following your dreams.

I can say that I thoroughly enjoyed talking with Kevin. He is an amazing guy with the heart of a lion. You have to like a guy that is all about the competition and money is not an object to him. I have no doubt that the MMA world will be seeing more of him doing big things. In my opinion wherever he goes the future looks bright. It would be nice if his dream fight could become real under the Bellator flag. I can see it in lights Rampage Jackson versus Kevin Ray Sears. Thank you for taking the time to sit with me Kevin.

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