Q & A with Jose Aguayo

By Nick Portella
What’s up fight fans. Today I will be sitting down with Gracie Jiu Jitsu Stockton fighter Jose Aguayo. Training with some of the greats such as Nate Diaz and Richard Perez has his career off to a great start. Let’s have a seat with Jose and get to know him a little better.


Nick:  What does it mean (for you) to be a fighter?
Jose:  I am not just a fighter. I am a martial artist. I like different aspects of the fight game and work at it everyday to be the best version of me that I can.  

Nick:  At what age did you begin to train martial arts?  
Jose:  I started to train martial arts at the age of 19 or 20. The only background I had before I began to train was some high school brawls.  

Nick:  What disciplines do you train in?  What belts do you have in those disciplines?
Jose:  I have a blue belt in Jiu-Jitsu. I also train boxing, Sambo, wrestling, kickboxing, and everything else.

Nick:  How long have you been with Cesar Gracie Jiu-Jitsu?
Jose:  I have been training there almost 2 years. Prior to that I started at Cyclone MMA.  I started out there as just a sparring partner for the guys training at the gym.    

Nick:  You have trained under Stockton’s own Nate Diaz.  What is it like to train with such a high level and successful BJJ blackbelt?
Jose:  Rolling with Nate is always a learning experience. He trains hard with you. He doesn’t just let you get over on him. Once the training is done if he is your partner he will break down things that happened and show you what you need to work on. He always takes time after practice to help out his teammates. Your alway pushed to perform at your best.  

Nick:  With a clear background in BJJ do you prefer a fight to stay on the feet or take it to the ground?
Jose:  I am comfortable standing with my opponents. If the fight should go to the ground I am also ready. I am actually very good at fighting from my back.

Nick:   What would you say is your best attribute as a fighter?
Jose:  I think that I’m a pretty well rounded fighter. I have great boxing, BJJ, kickboxing, and everything else I train in. I don’t see any major deficiencies in my game but I learn something every training session.   

Nick:  Do you think that training at the gym you do adds more weight to your belt?
Jose:  I think it does. There are blue belts where I train that would be brown belts at other gyms. We train to the next level.

Nick:  What’s your favorite submission?
Jose:  I like any submission that will make them tap out. I don’t favor any submission. If I can end the fight I will use it.  

Nick:  Do you feel that you are the next generation of mixed martial artist?
Jose:  I feel like I am more from the old school generation. The way i have learned and trained sticks with the old style of training. There are some guys out there that are just out to win a round and hold you down. I believe in the hard working style and it has always done me good.   

Nick:  How much weight do you usually have to cut before a fight? Do you feel the weight cut has a major impact on your strength before a fight?
Jose:  I alway stay healthy even when I am not in a training camp. I eat clean and diet year round. I usually am only 5-7 pounds over at any given time. You never know when the call will come for a short notice fight. Every weight cut has some affect on me but I minimize it buy always staying fight ready.  

Nick:  You understand that marketing is important in this sport, it is all part of the fight game. Do you have any plans to market yourself?
Jose:  I have plans to definitely have my own brand at some point in time. I like helping people out so one day down the road I could own a gym and sponsor new fighters trying to come up.

Nick:  Since you have made this journey what tips would you give young up and coming fighters just getting into the fight game?
Jose:  I wish i could go back and not fight ameateur at all. The fights are the same but you take beatings for little money or for free. You can go out to a small promotion and still get knocked out. If this is what you want to do you should go pro and fight better people. If I could take bak my ameateur career I would and just go pro.  

Nick:  You are 1-0 as a professional winning your fight via first round armlock submission. Do you know when your next fight will be? If so against who and where?
Jose:  My next fight is March 30 for Combates Americas. I actually don’t know much about the guy I am fighting, but I wouldn’t know much about someone trying to rob me either.

Nick:  Do you have plans to go to the UFC or Bellator at some point in your career?
Jose:  Of course! I would love to go out and fight for either one of them or even Rizin in Japan.

Jose would like to thank so many people. Gracie fighters in Stockton, Richard Perez boxing, Gilbert Melendez for always welcoming us into his gym. He would also like to thank his mom, dad, brother Daniel, and his grandmother for helping him with his diet. More thanks going out to Nate Diaz, Chelsea Chandler (keep an eye out for her), and everyone else I have trained with. Shout out to his sponsors Livermore Barber Shop and Represent.
I enjoyed talking with Jose. I wish him all the best for his fight on March 30 and the rest of his career. I have a feeling we’ll be seeing his name again very soon. Signing off this is Nick Portella.

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