Q & A with Joe “Lights Out” Pingitore

photo courtesy of CES MMA / Will Paul

By Keith Shillan

 Keith: Ladies and Gentleman, we are back with another TheMMATakeover.com interview. My name is Keith Shillan. Today’s guest has been a professional Mixed Martial Arts fighter for 5 years. He is a veteran of both Bellator and currently fights for CES MMA. He has a 7-2-1 record. He returns to the action this Friday March 31st at CES MMA when he faces Kenny Foster. Ladies and Gentleman, Joe “Lights Out” Pingitore. Joe, how are you man ?

Joe: Doing great. Thanks for having me on.

Keith: How did you get into MMA?
Joe: Started out in 2009 after finishing up with my high school wrestling career and my coach took me to a MMA class. I was in my first amateur fight later that summer.
Keith: You train with Tri-Force MMA. How long have you been training there?
Joe: I came to the Tri-Force camp about 2 year ago full time and it was the best career move
i could have made.
Keith: Do you have any belts in any disciplines, if so what?
Joe: I have a blue belt in BJJ under Pete Jeffery.
Keith: Who gave you the nickname, “Lights Out”
Joe: I believe Tom Evans gave it to me during my amateur days after I knocked out a Team Link guy in 42 seconds.
Keith: When you analyze you game, what do you consider to be the best part of your game, and what part are you working on improving the most?
Joe: At this point i feel my game is completely rounded and I owe these fixes all to the coaches at Tri-Force.
Keith: You fight at 145 lbs. How much do you normally walk around? How much do you cut for a fight?
Joe: I walked around 170 before this fight camp and during camp I stay around 160 until its time to make the water cut.
Keith: In your last fight, you submitted Spencer Higa in the first round, when you were training for that fight, did you expect it to happen that way?
Joe: I exploit my opponents weaknesses. His happen to be losses by guillotine so I prepared for that thoroughly.
Keith: You are fighting Kenny Foster on Friday, how did camp go for this fight?
Joe: Awesome. Any camp with no injury is a great camp in my eyes.
Keith: What do you know about your opponent? What areas do you have to be most concerned about? What weakness do you see and think you can exploit?
Joe: Tough Bellator Tournament veteran with a aggressive wrestling style and i think I’ll be able to counter attack that aggressive moment.
Keith: What would a win over Kenny Foster do for your career?
Joe: Bring my record to 8-2-1, 1 nc

Keith: What’s your prediction for your fight? Round and Method?

Joe: Another first round submission victory.
Keith: If you beat Kenny Foster, who would you like to fight next? A rematch with Matt Bessette?
Joe: I know all the fans and myself would love a rematch but unfortunately he’s a paper weight champ and will dodge me.
Keith: If you could fight anybody past or present, who would you pick?
Joe: Grew up watching Frankie Edgar getting into wars in the Octagon, Maybe it’ll happen some day.
Keith: When you aren’t fighting or training, how do you prefer to pass your time?
Joe: Tom Clancys Ghost Recon on Xbox One for sure
Keith: Have Your “Submitted to the Takeover”
Joe: I’m not really into dominatrix but yes I Submit to the Takeover.
Keith: We thank you for taking some time to speak with us. We wish you luck in your fight and Welcome to the MMA Takeover Family
Joe: Thanks brothaaaaaaahhhhh
Ladies and Gentleman that was our interview with CES MMA Fighter Joe Pingitore. Make sure to check out his fight this Friday at CES 42 against Kenny Foster. You can watch his fight on Axs TV 9pm or live at Twin River Casino. Also to receive the best MMA coverage around head over to our website, the MMA Takeover.com. You can also follow us on social media. We are on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and You Tube. Hope you enjoyed. 

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