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Paul Daley: “Two more fights for Bellator and I’m done”

Paul Daley doesn’t seem happy with Bellator. He recently voiced his opinion on the promotion and his potential bout with Michael Page.
He expressed his frustration towards Bellator, accusing them of potential favoritism for certain of their fighters, in this case Michael Page, saying the promotion is “on his ass”. Daley and Page have been going back and forth on social media in the elad up to a potential fight. However, Daley has declared that this fight will not be happening and that he desires to fight out his contract before leaving the promotion.

Read the full statement below:

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Scott Coker talking about Page at the Bellator presser, Bellator are Sooooooo on ass it’s sickening 🤢 He hasn’t fought MMA in how long, his last performance in boxing and MMA were terrible.

I beat Lorenz Larkin former UFC guy, top 6 when he left the organisation…by KO and they sweep it under the rug? and then sideline me….

I’m gonna Fight out my contract…..THAT MVP Fight WONT BE HAPPENING…under the Bellator banner anyways….So FUCK Bellator, 18 more month in this game and two more fights for Bellator and I’m done. 🤛


It is hard to tell where Daley will be fighting once his contract is over. Despite being ione of the best welterweight in the world a UFC contract is hoghly unlikely as he has been previosuly cut from the promotion for punching Josh Koschek after the bell. After the incident Dana White stated that Paul Daley will never fight in the UFC again.

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