Outside the Octagon with ‘Super’ Sage Northcutt

How many 20 year olds do you know fighting in the UFC to date? If you name anyone besides Sage Northcutt, then you would be wrong. Sage is currently the youngest fighter on the UFC roster and has the potential to be one of the most entertaining. ‘Super’ Sage Monroe Northcutt is a Texan by birth, born in a small city within the Houston Metro area known as Katy, TX. It’s a unique town for an equally unique fighter who has a bright future ahead of him in an extremely competitive Lightweight division inside the UFC.

Growing Up

‘Super’ Sage didn’t have the typical childhood that most of us had. He wasn’t glued to the television set watching SpongeBob or accumulating insane kill streaks in Call of Duty – type games. No, instead, Sage started training in Karate at the age of 4 years old. While most kids at that age aren’t even in school yet, Sage was beginning a life-long journey to be the best at something. He wasn’t just looking for a summer hobby. Sage was focused on his training as well as competing. At the age of 9 years old, he became the youngest person to ever appear on Sports Karate Magazine for winning his first title in point fighting. It was an early accolade that would be an even earlier insight to the level of success this growing boy would obtain.

As Sage continued competing and winning Karate tournaments, he would tally up an amazing 77 world titles in Martial Arts and currently holds the most world titles obtained in the National Black Belt league – which is 40. This is a highly heralded achievement in such a prestigious league. Only the true masters of the sport can fully appreciate and respect it. Sage’s hard work and achievements would eventually pay off in 2012. He would be inducted into the Black Belt Magazine’s Hall of Fame along with superstar Ronda Rousey. Coincidentally, Rousey would be 8 years the elder of Super Sage, who was just 16 years old at the time.

As if the young star didn’t have enough on his plate, Northcutt also competed in Kickboxing, and to this day, maintains a perfect record of 15-0. Sage is also a third degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do, Kajukenbo (Which is a combination of Karate, Judo, Jiu-Jitsu, Kenpo, Boxing), as well as a purple belt in traditional Jiu-Jitsu. Sage would eventually put to use the tools and skills he’d acquired through his rigorous childhood and begin competing professionally at the age of 18 in the Legacy Fighting Championship. After amassing a record of 5-0, his final fight with Rocky Long would ultimately catch the eyes of UFC’s president – Dana White. Sage won that fight via Neck Crank in round 2 and eventually headed into the UFC with a perfect 5-0 professional record.

Outside of Training

It’s no secret that with Sage’s incredible training regiment and schedule that he’s in perfect shape with a chiseled body. He also competes in the National Physique Committee (NPC) and has beaten all of the competition he’s faced – never finishing less than 1st place. In 2013, he won three titles, the first being Branch Warren Classic, the Texas State Championships and the Europa Super Show. The women love Super Sage while the ‘Dad Bod’ sporting men can only look away. It’s all part of the Northcutt package though. It partially explains why Sage was the most viewed UFC fighter on their debut. Dana, we all knew you were a marketing genius.

On top of the physical appearances Sage has, he also has the brains upstairs. Amidst all of the time he spent traveling the world and competing in tournaments, Sage still managed to graduate with Honors from high school and currently attends Texas A&M where he is pursuing a degree in Petroleum Engineering. Quite fitting for the Texan native. Personality wise, Sage has a tendency to ‘light’ up the room no matter who he is around. With his blonde hair and large smile, Sage has a boyish charm that is as infectious as his fighting style. One would wonder how long his innocence can stay unscathed because when you’re around the fight scene long enough, it has a tendency of hardening you. Sage is in a lightweight division full of killers inside the Octagon, so as his career progresses, it will be interesting to see how the now young man develops.


You can catch ‘Super’ Sage’s next fight on Saturday, December 17th on FOX, starting at 8PM / 5PM ETPT. Sage will be fighting a 3-0 Mickey Gall in the co-main event just before Paige VanZant vs Michelle Waterson.

**You might remember Mickey Gall from his last fight with Phil Brooks – aka CM Punk. Gall had his way with the aging Brooks and submitted him in the very first round via rear naked choke. Gall then called out Sage Northcutt as the next guy he’d like to fight – and the UFC matchmakers made it happen. Unfortunately for Gall, Sage has a ton more of experience than CM Punk has and should not allow Gall to rag doll him on the ground. Sage will look for an early KO in round 1.

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