Outside the Octagon with The ‘Immortal’ Matt Brown

Inside the world of Mixed Martial Arts, more specifically the UFC, you’ll find men and women competing in one of the most dangerous sports a person can test their skills in. We call it Combat Sports — where it’s just you and your opponent, locked inside a cage battling for notoriety, championship belts, and money. This has been a tested legacy of one of the veteran fighters inside the UFC, known as ‘The Immortal’ Matt Brown. Any fan of the sport has witnessed his fights and knows who the ‘Immortal’ is, but how his nickname was earned is probably a mystery to most. Let’s take a look at Matt’s life Outside of the Octagon to shed some light just on what it is that makes Matt, ‘Immortal.’

Matt Brown was born on January 10th, 1981 and was raised in a small city in Ohio by the name of Jamestown. He also attended high school there at Greenview where academically, school was a breeze. Matt was an intelligent kid who had plenty of book smarts that enabled him to pass with little effort. He openly stated he never did any homework or brought books home from school because of his test grades and work ethic. This unfortunately, would lead Brown into a feeling of boredom and a sense of complacency.

Matt Brown began selling acid during his high school years. It was an avenue outside of his academic routine that perhaps added some excitement to his life. Progressing from acid, it wasn’t long before his dealings led him into needles, which ultimately would bring Matt to trying heroin. For a first time user, Matt Brown overdosed and was rushed to the hospital where he clinically died for a minute of his life. Matt tested the meaning of being Immortal, yet he lived once again after the doctors were able to revive him. It’s been said that it was a miracle that Brown was able to ever regain consciousness.

After recovering from the overdose, the Immortal Matt Brown sidestepped from the heroin and began using prescription drugs known as OxyContin. Still lacking motivation in life and feeling bored — It would take something greater than his own death to knock him free from the path he was traveling down. Sadly, Matt’s good friend Bear Brown (No family relation) died from an overdose of OxyContin as well as two of Bear’s family members. All three of these deaths took place in a 3 month period, which gave Matt the motivation and drive he needed to change his ways.

“Their deaths, along with what had happened to me, finally allowed me to see what it could do to me. I saw how close to the edge I was. I realized, ‘Holy shit, this is real. I’m going to these funerals and stuff and that very well could be me.’ “ – Matt Brown

Matt Brown was a tough kid. After weaning himself off of the drugs he became interested in something that for once, didn’t come easy to him, Mixed Martial Arts. Brown began his training in Japanese Jiu-Jitsu and he quickly learned how difficult it was. The young fighter was no longer able to engage in autopilot mode and for once had to really apply himself to the task. This became the motivation he would need to establish a goal and keeping himself focused.

The Ultimate Fighter and the UFC

After bouncing around between some local fight circuits, the ‘Immortal’ Matt Brown earned his big break when he became a contestant on the Ultimate Fighter season 7. Brown fought Matt Arroyo during the finale of the show and won in the second round via TKO. His second fight was at UFC 88 in 2008 but unfortunately, he lost due to a split decision against Dong Hyun Kim. These early fights would set the tone for his up and down career for over a decade inside the UFC and MMA in general. His overall record stands at 20-16, but one thing you can be sure of -The Immortal always puts on a show and is a huge fan favorite. He is tied for the most finishes in the welterweight division and has five performance of the night bonuses in his career.

**Rumor has it that Matt Brown will be entering the cage for one final fight against another legend of the sport — Diego Sanchez. The showdown takes place this Saturday, November 11th. You don’t want to miss this fight.

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