One More Fight for Ronda Rousey?

Ronda Rousey’s coach wants one more fight for her

On today’s edition of The MMA Hour, Ronda Rousey’s coach Edmond Tarverdyan wants Rousey to fight one more time. The opponent that Tarverdyan wants Rousey to face? None other than Cris Cyborg.  Cyborg is currently women’s UFC featherweight champion. Not only does Tarverdyan want Rousey to fight Cyborg, but he is confident that Rousey would walk out victorious.

In his interview Ariel Helwani, Tarverdyan says, “I want that fight. When I trained Ronda, I know Ronda could beat Cyborg. I know that. Cyborg is too slow.” Tarverdyan goes on to say, “I think she will do the best she’s ever done and I think she’ll be victorious. ”

Tarverdyan also says in his interview that he isn’t sure if Rousey will ever fight again. That seems to be the question everyone is asking and waiting to hear an answer.  About the possibility of returning, “One more, I don’t know. I’ve spoken to her. I don’t know if she’ll do it. One more fight, maybe. If she really can. If her body does give her one more fight and she really wants to mentally, she might. It’s 50-50 right now I would say,” Taverdyan says.

Rousey has not fought in the UFC since last December.  She suffered a knockout loss to Amanda Nunes only 48 seconds into the fight. Many believe the loss has crippled any drive Rousey had left to keep fighting. With many offers to do acting and possibly transition over to the WWE, most think we have seen the last of Rousey in the octagon.

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