NYSAC to Start Using Instant Replay

Newsday is reporting that the New York State Athletic Commission (NYSAC) has decided to start using instant replay in MMA,

Instant replay became a major issue after UFC 210 in Buffalo, New York. The co-main event of the evening between Chris Weidman and Gegard Mousasi started the controversy. Referee Dan Mirigliotta stopped the fight after he believed that Mousasi illegally kneed Weidman, while Weidman was on the ground. After speaking with John McCarthy, who was cage side, he was informed that the knees were legal. The cage-side physician ruled that Weidman couldn’t continue and Mousasi was ruled the winner.

Here are the eight points From the  NYSAC’s policy:

1. When adequate technology is available, instant replay may be used by the in-ring referee to examine the fight-ending sequence to determine the correct outcome of a bout

2. Instant replay may be used after the fight has officially concluded and before the final official outcome of the fight is announced in the ring.

3. Only the in-ring referee is authorized to initiate instant replay review.

4. The in-ring referee him/herself must watch the instant replay footage of the fight-ending sequence on a video monitor provided for such purpose.

5. The in-ring referee may consult with the alternate referee to determine the correct outcome of a bout. 

6. Only the in-ring referee is authorized to make the final official in-ring determination of the outcome of the bout following the instant replay review.

7. The fight cannot be resumed after the instant replay review.

8. Nothing in this policy shall restrict the Commission’s authority to review video evidence to determine the correct outcome after the final official outcome of a bout has been announced in the ring.

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