Updated: Now Breast Implants are Allowed At UFC 210

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Pearl Gonzalez, who was scheduled to make her UFC debut on Saturday at UFC 210, was told by the New York State Athletic Commission that her fight was cancelled due to her having breast implants.

As shocking and bizarre as the news is, to make matters worst, the commission didn’t advise Gonzalez that her fight was cancelled until moments after she made weight for the contest.

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UFC 210 was close to being the first event in an extremely long time to not have a single fighter replaced on the card or a fight cancelled since they first started making announcements.

Gonzalez was scheduled to fight against Cynthia Calvillo as part of the Pay Per View portion of the card. The UFC has not yet announced which fight will replace Calvillo vs Gonzalez fight on the main card.

Update: Dana White just announced via Twitter that Gonzalez has been medically cleared and the fight is back on.

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