Nate Diaz Has Words For One Dimentional Boxers And Destroys Paulie Malignaggi

INate Diaz may be Conor McGregor’s biggest rival. He is the only being the only man to stop him inside the UFC. Putting all that aside Diaz did not sit by idle while the boxing community trash talks The Notorious.

McGregor vs. Mayweather is set to take place August 26, 2017, in Las Vegas, Nevada. The idea of the fight was thought to be no more than talk until it was finalized. The boxing community has been more than vocal with the thought that McGregor has no chance to win.

McGregor was recently mocked for his video of a warm-up exercise which looked like none anyone has ever seen. McGregor has said that it was just some fun before getting to work. With all the banter and trash talk Stockton’s bad boy Nate Diaz did not take the criticism of his rival very good.

Diaz said, “Boxers are clowns sometimes now. I’m never taking the MMA fighters over the boxer’s side when it comes to punching and s**t, but I’m like, don’t be talking s**t. They say MMA fighters’ would get embarrassed, it’s ridiculous’ yeah, but we’re talking real fighting now you one-dimensional boxing f***s. This is real life s**t, you’ll get embarrassed.” Diaz went on to say, “Mayweather would get ‘slapped around’ in the Octagon. And now all the boxers are criticizing Conor like ‘Conor will get embarrassed’, but that’s a real arrogant thing to say. Wanna know something that’s even more embarrassing? Is if Floyd fought Conor in an MMA match. Would be more embarrassing than if Conor fought Floyd in a boxing match. Floyd would get mounted and laughed at, and slapped around and Conor would smile at the crowd and wave.”

Diaz also had some words regarding McGregor’s former sparring partner Pauli Malignaggi. Diaz stated, “Conor should beat that guy’s ass. That guy was on the internet talking s**t on him the other day. I’m like, ‘What kind of sparring partners you got?’ I’d shove that guy in the gym and beat his ass if I was Conor, like, ‘what you’re going to put me on blast about what? You don’t know s**t. What gave you the right to talk s**t, criticize if we’re working together when I could beat your ass for real?’ Don’t even speak. That’s my thoughts.”

On August 26 all the talk will be put to rest when The Notorious steps into the world of boxing to face Floyd Mayweather under Queensberry boxing rules.

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