The Midweek MMA Fix

Sometimes it is difficult to make it to the end of the week, especially with an impending plethora of events to take place. Not a worry to be had, here is your midweek fix with some quick thoughts regarding the sport.

– Francis Ngannou is the scariest man in MMA
– Oh, Conor McGregor didn’t actually get in that bar fight after all? Last week’s hot (false) rumor is now buried in mere days. Told you.
 – No, Max Holloway would not beat Conor McGregor. He gets hit too often, Conor is too clinical a finisher.
 – Tyron Woodley willing to vacate a belt to chase a matchup with Georges St. Pierre, and the Middleweight title? Bold.
 – Did Courtney Casey really flick a bloody booger at Felice Herrig? *Cleveland’s voice* “Oh that’s naaasty”.

– Diego Sanchez is a gem of a human for doing what he did for Isaac Marquez. Is someone cutting onions over here?



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