The Midweek MMA Fix

These thoughts are a day late unfortunately, however  it is still Thursday, we are technically on the back end of the week, but the thoughts are still relevant. Nonetheless here is your midweek fix with some quick thoughts regarding the sport.

– Angela Magana is gone from the UFC, *holds beer in hand awaiting cheers*.

– It feels weird the Women’s Flyweight champion Nicco Montano would likely be an easy +600 underdog to Valentina Shevchenko – But also extremely accurate.
– Georges St. Pierre will fight again.
– Ducking fights you feel aren’t good for your career progression is frowned upon, doesn’t mean it’s not intelligent, rather.
– Adidas will probably be the next UFC apparel sponsor. Reebok is their subsidiary anyway.
– If we could have champions, and their title challenger stop coaching TUF, that’d be really great, thanks.
– UFC 220 > Bellator 192; pretty savage move by the UFC, I like it.
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