Michael Johnson to Move Down to Featherweight?

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During a Q & A last week, UFC lightweight, Michael Johnson talked about his desire to move down to the featherweight division.

“I was thinking about making a move down to 145, because I’ve fought everybody in the top-10 at 155″, Johnson said, “I think it’s time for me to see some new faces in the cage”.

Johnson went on to state that he would like to face former UFC featherweight champion, Jose Aldo Jr next.

“Jose Aldo, he’s looking to get out of his contract, he’s a great champion, so I would love to go down to 145 and fight him. Anytime, anywhere. I’m hoping in December I’ll go down to Brazil and fight him. I just love good, exciting fights and he’s a guy that I would love to get in there with.”

Johnson is currently on a two fight losing streak, including being on the bad side of a fight of the year contender against Justin Gaethje.

Aldo lost his UFC featherweight title to Max Holloway at UFC 212.  He has stated that he would like to fight at UFC 217 at Madison Square Garden on November 4th.

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