Michael Bisping Agrees to Fight Former Boxing Champ Tony Bellow In Boxing

The cross over combat sports matchup between Conor McGregor and Floyd Mayweather Jr has the world hoping for more matchup between MMA fighters and boxers. Jimi Manuwa vs David Haye, Stipe Miocic vs Anthony Joshua, and Anderson Silva vs Roy Jones Jr are just some of the rumored matchups. Now add Michael Bisping vs Tony Bellow.

Bellow, a former multi weight boxing champion was asked about a matchup with MMA fighters. He stated that he was willing to box or even step in the cage with them. “I can wrestle, I can grapple, I punch hard, I can kick and I’ve got some kickboxing experience”. Bellow said he wouldn’t fight Jon Jones, but stated that he would fight current UFC middleweight champion, Michael Bisping.

He said, “I am a Michael Bisping fan, but if the money was right, then the fan stuff goes out the window”.

Bisping responded to Bellow’s comment on his Twitter account. Bisping said, “For the record, after GSP, I’m down to have a boxing match with you. 100 percent”.

Bisping is currently scheduled to defend his middleweight title in the main event of UFC 217 against the former welterweight champion. Georges St. Pierre. The two fighters are set to face each other on November 4th in New York City.

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