Michael Bisping Plans to Have His Retirement Fight at UFC London

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I’m pretty sure that when it was announced that UFC had found a replacement for Anderson Silva for UFC Shanghai, the last man anyone expected it to be was former UFC Middleweight Champion , Michael Bisping. Bisping had just lost his title two weeks ago at UFC 217 against newly crowned UFC and former UFC Welterweight Champion Georges St. Pierre. Bisping had hinted at possibly retiring after UFC 217, but the former middleweight champion has other ideas.

“God bless Shanghai, I’m sure the people are nice, but no,” Bisping replied when Ariel Helwani asked him if he was considering retiring in Shanghai on the latest episode of The MMA Hour.

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“Again, I have nothing against China, they are a lovely race of people. I have never been to China, why is my retirement fight going to be in China?”

“There’s a fight card on in London. I would love to be on that. I would love to be a part of that to say thank you to the British who supported me and have my last fight there.”

Bisping insisted that he wanted to retire on home soil.

“I definitely want my last fight to be in England. I’ve always wanted my last fight to be in England.”

“I was planning on my last fight being in March. This one came out of the blue so I guess I’m doing one extra. That wasn’t the plan, but circumstances have put me in this situation.”



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