Mayweather Knocks Out McGregor In Close Fight

Floyd Mayweather Jr Wins by 10th Round TKO

Its all over! After months of hype and trash talking between Floyd Mayweather Jr and Conor McGregor, the super-fight is over. Mayweather Jr came out victorious with a 10th Round TKO. Improving his professional boxing record to 50-0. Mayweather said weeks before the fight that this is for sure his last boxing match ever.

When the fight officially started it was all McGregor. He did exactly what we expected and came out swinging. Landing  few good jabs here and there was enough to win the first 4 rounds in the opinion of our staff. In round 1 McGregor got a little cocky when Mayweather swung and missed. After missing McGregor looked down and out his arms up like saying, “what was that?”

Mayweather showed us why he is considered one of the greatest defensive boxers of all time. Dodging most of McGregor’s punches and wearing him out. Mayweather danced around and kept letting McGregor throw those hammer fists till he wore himself out.

Start of round 5 is when Mayweather started to take control of the fight. After not landing many punches in the first 4 rounds, he was connecting left and right. At this point McGregor looked totally gassed. His arms looked like they weighed a million pounds as he could barely keep them up.

As the rounds went on Mayweather just kept taking more control of the fight. At one brief moment it looked as maybe McGregor might have a little left in his tank as he started landing punches. That was short lived. Mayweather took back control of the fight and it was only a matter of time.

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That moment of time came in the 10th round. After 8 rounds it was a toss up fight. At the end of the 9th you could tell McGregor had nothing left and it wasn’t going to be much longer. Mayweather came out swinging in the 10th and didn’t miss. He was connecting with everything he was throwing. Finally the ref decided to step in and stop the fight.

Whats next for both fighters is easier to answer for Mayweather than for McGregor. Mayweather has stated this will be his final fight and that he will now enjoy retirement. We shall see if he keeps his word this time. As for McGregor that’s a different story. Some believe that he may never fight again. While others believe he will return to the Octagon to defend his title. Only time will tell.

The fight was great and McGregor did much better than people expected.

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