Mayweather vs McGregor World Tour part 1 Recap

The spectacle of Floyd Mayweather Jr vs Conor McGregor got kicked off on Tuesday afternoon. The two fighters were part of the first press conference that was held at the  Staples Center in Los Angeles, California. The arena was sold out.

Both fighters entered the arena like it was an actual fight. Both came in with entrance music. The crowd was clearly on McGregor’s side. Ever time McGregor was on the camera the crowd cheered widely, while every time Mayweather was shown the crowd booed.

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Before the rest of the executives from Showtime, the UFC, and both camps entered the stage, the two fighters faced off. The stood next to each other. Mayweather just steered at McGregor while the Irishman talked junk.

After executives from Showtime, T-Mobile Arena, and the UFC spoke, both fighters got a chance to speak. McGregor went first and directly went after Mayweather. McGregor was in a tailored suit, while Mayweather was in casual clothing. McGregor took a jab at the clothing. “He’s in a fucking tracksuit”,  McGregor said, “He can’t even afford a suit anymore”.

McGregor made the bold statement that he would “knock him out within 4 rounds. Mark my words”. He would go on and compare their respective sports. He stated that boxing is a 1/4 of a fight. He went on further to say “This isn’t a true fight. If this was a true fight it wouldn’t go past 1 round”.

McGregor would end his portion of the press conference by talking about his newly born son motivating him.

When Mayweather got his chance to speak he started by getting his supports to chant “dedication” after he chanted “hard work”. The issue was the crowd was pro-McGregor and he didn’t get much echo.

Mayweather would go on and hint that he didn’t care if the fight was MMA or boxing. “I don’t give a fuck if its a ring. I don’t give a fuck if its and Octagon” Mayweather stated, “Put me in there and I’m gonna kick ass”. He also said that he was willing to fight with 8 oz gloves or 4 oz gloves.

He finished off his portion by saying “On August 26th, I’m gonna knock this bitch out too”.

After the public portion of the press conference, it was followed up by a media only portion. Both fighters were separated, with Mayweather going first and Mayweather going second.

Mayweather changed his tone in the media portion. He sold the fight and stated how dangerous McGregor was. McGregor, on the other hand, continued on the offense and continued to talk about dominating the fight. McGregor was interrupted by Floyd Mayweather Sr. It was very hard to hear what Mayweather Sr was saying but McGregor responded by saying He was gonna put Mayweather Jr to sleep and he will be a better man for it. He told Mayweather Jr that “he was to blame” and said that he knew he was a fan of him.

The highlight was when McGregor stated that he could beat all boxers at 154 lbs. He also stated that he will be returning to MMA and hinted at fighting a rematch (Nate Diaz). Lastly, he joked about elbowing and choking Mayweather in the match

This was the first leg of the world tour. There will be a press conference in Toronto on Wednesday, Thursday inNew York, and finish up in London on Friday.

The two fighters are set to face each other on August 26th in Las Vegas, Nevada.



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