UFC 221 Recap: Dong Hyun Kim Eakes Out Split Decision Win


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The featured Preliminary bout of the evening was a match-up of veteran lightweights as Damien Brown battled Dong Hyun Kim. Brown(17-11, 2-3 UFC coming in) came in coming off of consecutive losses to Vinc Pichel and Frank Camacho. Kim came in with a 15-8-3 record(2-2 UFC) and is coming off of a 1st round tko of Legendary lightweight Takanori Gomi.

The Fight:

Round 1: They come out circling, both looking hesitant. A couple of decent leg kicks for Kim are pretty much all that lands in the first 2 minutes. HUGE leg kick for Brown takes Kim off of his feet but he pops right back up. Back to circling, not a whole lot going on in the next minute or so. Kim throwing a lot of kicks but not landing many. They exchange a few leg kick and Brown blocks a head kick. A brief exchange but nothing lands clean. 2 or 3 Kim leg kicks are how we close the last minute of the round. TheMMATakeover scored the round 10-9 Kim

Round 2: they come out a little busier this time around. After exchanging a few kicks, Kim throws a nice combination. Brown answers and they get into a fun exchange in which both men landed shots. Brown explodes forward with four or five big shots, lands one at the tail end but that’s all. Kim returns fire with a couple shots of his own. Big leg kick for Brown drops Kim again as the round ends. TheMMATakeover scored the round 10-9 Brown

Round 3: They come out with a hug, embracing to start the third and final round. They have a couple of good exchanges, not much is landing but they’re both trying. A solid body kick for Kim is followed by some circling around. After about a minute without anything significant being thrown, the crowd begins to grow impatient as this has been a pretty slow moving fight. Good left for Kim is answered with a body kick from Brown. Brown lands a good combination, then a body kick to follow up. A couple of leg kicks for Brown land, the last one buckling Kim again. with a solid 1-2. Thee 10 second call comes, and a combined three strikes are thrown to end the round. TheMMATakeover scored the round 10-9 Brown

TheMMATakeover scored the fight 29-28 for Damien Brown


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