Jose Aldo Wants to Professionally Box

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Jose Aldo wants to finish UFC contract and become a professional boxer.

According to, Jose Aldo’s coach Andre Pederneiras has stated that Aldo would like to finish his UFC contract and make the switch to professional boxing. “He has this dream of competing in professional boxing,” Pederneiras stated. Pederneiras goes on to say that Aldo wants to finish the remaining fights left on his UFC contract as soon as possible. That way he can transition over to boxing as soon as possible.

This isn’t the first time that Aldo has brought up the possibility of becoming a full-time professional boxer. Back in December, Aldo made similar remarks. Stating that his contract was preventing him from exploring other dreams he has. Around the same time, Aldo was not on the best of terms with the UFC. He was very upset with them, even threatening to never fight against or even take dives in fights.

Aldo now is on better terms with the UFC. He still wants to pursue his dreams of professional boxing. Aldo wants to honor his contract and finish his last 4 fights according to his coach Pederneiras. If Aldo had the choice he would fight them all as soon as possible so he could make his career change.

Rumors are that the UFC may be looking into a rematch fight between him and Cub Swanson a towards the end of the year. Aldo came out victorious the first time the two met back 2009 at WEC 41. Pederneiras expressed that Aldo still wants to fight top competition and still wants a chance at a title fight before ending his MMA career.

Aldo transitioned from WEC to UFC when the two merged back in 2011. He went on to win his first 7 UFC fights and also became the UFC’s first featherweight champion. Some of his UFC wins came against Mark Hominick, Chad Mendes (twice), Frankie Edgar, and Ricardo Lamas. Aldo retained his featherweight championship belt till 2015 when he lost to Conor McGregor only 13 seconds into round 1.

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