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A 6 Pack of Questions with Top Undefeated Prospect Jordan Young Before His Bellator 185 Fight

By Keith Shillan

We got to speak with Jordan Young before his Bellator 185 match. He is one of the top prospects and most charismatic fighters in the game today. He is undefeated and fights Alec Hooban at Bellator 185.


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Keith:  As a top prospect, you have many great physical tools in the game. The one that really stands out to me is how you are able to stay so composed when facing adversity. How are you able to stay so composed? 

Jordan: First, I have been in this game a long time. I started training at 15 years old. This isn’t my first merry-go-round. Seconds, I was in a bunch of street fights when I was younger. Nothing recent. But those can be a lot more dangerous than when you have a ref in there.

Keith: So you are going against Alec Hooban. He doesn’t have as an impressive record of your last three opponents. The three opponents before him were two undefeated fighters and a state champion wrestler from Iowa. You called for bigger named opponents. Are you happy with this matchup?

Jordan: Yeah for sure. It’s part of the game. This is my third fight of the year. I think I earned a good matchup. I plan on going out there and doing well.

Keith: What do you have to be most aware of about your opponent?

Jordan: His only hope is to drop to his back and try a leg lock. He doesn’t want any part of me on the feet. He is going to try and stall it out with some wrestling. I will create space and stop the fight. He doesn’t want any part of this.

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Keith: Are you surprised that you are on the prelims and not the main card? 

Jordan: There were a few fights that fell out. I was surprised that I wasn’t moved to the main card. I was a little disappointed but Bellator knows what they are doing. Patience is the key. My time is coming!

Keith: You and Chris Honeycutt both have traded heated words in interviews with us. Is this the fight that you still want?

He needs to worry about Rafael Lovato Jr. At the time I was calling him out, I was a young fighter trying to get a bigger payday.I was trying to get mine.  But whoever wants it, can get it. This is the get down or lay down tour. I’m taking names.

Keith: What’s your official prediction for the fight?

Jordan: He’s going down on his face in the first round!





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