Jon Jones receives 1 year ban from USADA

Jon Jones was very happy after his legal team met with three arbitrators from McLaren Global Sports Solutions last week, but that might have changed once he received the news that they ruled to uphold USADA’s one year suspension of him taking a banned substance.

The interim UFC Light Champion is the first fighter to receive an arbitrary hearing since the UFC started using USADA anti-doping testing.

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Jones claimed that he tested positive for a banned substance after taking a pill for sexual enhancement, which he claimed was contaminated. USADA confirmed that the pill Jones consumed was contaminated. However the arbitrators ruled that it was Jones responsibility to know what he places in his body and he didn’t fully disclose the pills earlier.

The ruling is retrospective to July 1st, when Jones results first came back. Jones won’t be able to fight again until July 2017.

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Jones, who never lost his Light Heavyweight title in a match, will have fought only one time in two and a half years, once he is eligible to return to the cage.

Jones could still face an additional suspension and fine from the Nevada State Athletic Commission.

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