Jim Rome to replace Mike Goldberg?

Last week, Eddie Bravo hinted on the Joe Rogan Experience podcast, that the UFC was looking for a replacement for Mike Goldberg for play by play commentary for UFC Pay Per Views. UFC President, Dana White added to the speculation when he stated that he is trying to put together a dream team for UFC shows but refused to name anybody.

Earlier this week, former UFC fighter Chael Sonnen added a name to the speculation. Sonnen said on his podcast that Jim Rome has been offered a job with the UFC. He said ” Is Jim Rome going to join Joe Rogan? Is he going to take the offer? Did I just say something that is not public information? Let’s move on”.

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Goldberg made his debut with the UFC in 1997.

Is Sonnen just flaming a fire or has Rome been offered the position by the UFC? We have been unable to confirm the news yet.

The UFC, Sonnen, Rome and Goldberg has yet to comment on the news.

Stay tuned for further updates.

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