Invicta 42 Recap: Evinger Submits Kunitskaya in Rematch

The all women’s organization Invicta was back in action on UFC Fight Pass and it was one of the best cards of the year so far

In the main event of the evening Tonya Evinger and Yana Kunitskaya faced off for the second time. The two fighters faced off against each other back in November, where it was thought that Kunitskaya had won Evinger’s bantamweight title via first round submission. However, the Missouri Athletic Commission overturned the victory based on a referee error. While Evinger was trying to escape the armbar, she stepped on Kunitskaya and was told by the referee that she couldn’t though it was allowed by the rules.  As she stepped off Kunitskaya, she was submitted.

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The rematch didn’t disappoint at all. Evinger wanted to display her ground and pound skills, while Kunitskaya wanted to show off her grapplin. In the first round, Evinger attempted a takedown but the Russian fighter locked in a deep guillotine choke. Evinger was able to escape but submission attempt but Kunitskaya continually transition from several different submission attempts. She attempted to lock in toe holds, heel hooks, knee bars, and armbars. Evinger was able to escape by landing heavy shots from the top position.

In the second round, Evinger was able to take Kunitskaya down again, and control position while the challenger attempted submissions that weren’t as close as the first round. Evinger was able to advance position on Kunitskaya, who made the mistake and gave up her back. The champion, Evinger took the opportunity to capitalize on the mistake and locked in a rear naked choke forcing Kunitskaya to submit. Evinger wins by 2nd round submission.

In one of the most anticipated matchups, Livia Renata Souza and Ayaka Hamasaki faced each other in the co-main event. Souza had not fought in the last 10 months after losing her strawweight title to Angela Hill. Souza looked better than ever, making quick work of Hamasaki. Souza dropped Hamasaki with a brutal right hand, and finished her off with devastating ground and pound. Souza won by 1st round TKO.

Jodie Esquibel was able to escape an extremely deep armbar from DeAnna Bennett in the first round, in which it looked like Esquibel’s arm was going to break. Esquibel was able to be the more active fighter on the fight for the rest of the fight and won a split decision.

In an insane matchup, Ashley Cummins and Amber Brown put on a show. Both fighters landed on the feet, but it was the grappling exchanges that made it a classic. In the first round, Cummins, who is a police officer, locked in a deep triangle choke on Brown. Brown responded by locking a triangle choke of her own. It was one of the rear times where we had a double triangle choke. Both fighters were able to escape the triangle and continue to have a grappling war. The police officer, Cummins got a unanimous decision.

In a great fight, Sunna Davidsdottir and Mallory Martin had a back and forth war. Both fighters landed heavy shots and hurt the other fighter several times. Davidsdottir got a unanimous decision but the fight was much closer than it looked.

Two undefeated fighters Miranda Maverick and Kal Holliday squared off. The All-American wrestler, Holliday slammed Maverick to the ground, but Maverick, who is only 19 years old, locked on a deep armbar. As Holliday slammed Maverick in an attempt to get out, Maverick rolled to her stomach and finished the submission. Maverick wins by 2nd round submission.

Opening the card, Felicia Spencer battered Madision McElhaney, who had no answer for Spencer’s striking but did show heart and a granite chin. Spencer won a unanimous decision.

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