Interview With Pro Atomweight Lindsey “Damsel” VanZandt

Maverick MMA 3

What’s good fight fan? Today I had the pleasure to sit down with undefeated pro atomweight Lindsey “Damsel” VanZandt. Lindsey is currently 1-0 and determined to extend it to 2-0. She is set to step back inside the cage on September 30, 2017, at Maverick MMA 3. Let’s have a seat with Lindsey and get to know a little more about her.

Lindsey began her mixed martial arts training at the age of 7. She started taking Tae Kwon Do and stuck with it for years. After her fifth year, she had obtained her second-degree black belt but became bored. She ventured out and found Brazilian jiu-jitsu. She immediately fell in love with the grappling life. Fortunate for her the gym she was training at also had boxing and muay thai. She continued to expand her knowledge and trained everything they had to offer.

She currently trains at Precision MMA which has been her home for the past 5 years. She has been there on and off due to going to Florida to finish her education. She has been training solidly for the past year and enjoying every minute. In that year she has made huge gains with solid training and her skillset has moved to the next level. This made the decision to go pro easier.

She also has a degree in nutrition and dietetics which sure helps with her weight cuts. She did admit that she walks around at 113 pounds. Lindsey is a Ovo-Lacto vegetarian which means she eats fish and eggs. She also has limited cheese in her diet. She begins her weight cut roughly two weeks eating extra clean. It makes for a fairly easy cut for her.

Lindsey was 3-3 in her amateur career. She had many fights fall through and even took a last minute fight at strawweight to be inside the cage. Her coaches approached her with the idea of going pro. She felt she was ready at that time so off she went. July 1, 2017, she had her first professional fight under King of the Cage. She chalked up a second-round finish via KO/TKO over Katie Saull.

September 30 Lindsey will be facing Rachel Sazoff. Lindsey actually knew of her opponent prior to this fight. She was watching her friend fight in Florida and Rachel was on that card. That combined with watching some film has given her a good idea of what has to be done against this southpaw. WHile not looking past her opponent Lindsey is confident in the outcome.  The Damsel is ready to go anywhere that the fight may go because she is very well-rounded. She is also confident that she will be able to take the fight where she wants and control it.

Lindsey feels confident in saying that she will finish this fight via KO/TKO. She has several submission wins but would like to finish this one on her feet. She wants everyone to know that she also can throw her hands.

On the lighter side, Lindsey said fighting is her life. She doesn’t know what she would do without it. She is passionate about it and has always been competitive. Chasing the dream of being a professional athlete combined with her background fighting came naturally to her.

The Damsel had an interesting story about her name. Her coaches were trying to think of a nickname and somehow got talking about Jean-Claude Van Damme which is one of her favorite actors. She also is a fan of Vin Diesel. They combined that names and had Van Damsel which got shortened to Damsel. Chalk this up as creativity at its best.

A message from Lindsey VanZandt

I have to thank Lindsey for talking with me even though her fight is less than two weeks out. You can tell that she has an attitude built for winning after talking with her for five minutes. I wish her all the best in her upcoming fight and beyond. Signing off for TheMMATakeOver,.co this is Nick Portella.  @NickPortellaMMA

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