Interview With Combate America’s Own Felipe Vargas

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By:  Nick Portella

What’s good fight fans? Today we will sit down with undefeated rising pro-MMA fighter Felipe Vargas. Felipe has recently been signed to Combate Americas and will be looking to make a splash in his first appearance. He is also the first Colombian born fighter to sign with them. Let’s have a seat and talk with him and find out some more about his career and plans.

Felipe had started training when he was 14 years old. A friend of his took him to the gym and talked him into signing up together. Kickboxing was the sport of choice but that was not enough. After a few months, he also began to train in Muay Thai. He had a few amateur fights with a record of 5-0. Felipe began to watch the fights on television and came across Pride FC. The next day he went on the hunt to find an MMA gym which he did and continued his training.

Felipe was also attending college while training. He was one year into a physical therapy program but realized it wasn’t what he wanted to do. He managed to rack up and impressive amateur MMA record of 13-2 also. He made the decision to pursue his dream to he left school and trained MMA full time.

Fast forwarding to the present Felipe is now 2-0 as a professional. He decided to move from Spain to the United States and find a home in Florida. Knowing that every great reward requires sacrifice he continued to pursue his dream. Fortunately for him, he had the total support of his family and friends. It was very good for him to have the backing that he needed to make accomplishing his goals that much easier. It also made his decision easier since he has been thinking about it for the past two years.

The day had finally come when he made his move. Three months ago he also found a new gym to call his home. Since he has arrived he has been training at American Top Team Gym which is without a doubt one of the top three gyms in the country. He did admit that in that short period of time his skillset has been raised to a whole new level. His coaches and training partners are the best in the business which makes him a better version of himself every day. That is why he had always hoped to train there.  

Touching on his skillset and training habits he did admit that he likes a good striking battle but he doesn’t favor it over the ground game. Felipe said, “I work on every aspect of the game so I do not favor one thing over the other. I want to stay well rounded.” With that in mind, he also has been crowned the grappling champion for Columbia and Spain. He also told me about his weight cuts and habits. He walks around at 160 pounds at the start of training camp. He eats a clean diet and sheds the weight in a healthy fashion. 25-pounds in eight weeks can be done without damaging his body. He has never had a bad cut to date and let’s hope it stays that way.

Felipe now falls under the Combate Americas flag. He was so happy to be signed with them and be the first Colombian to do so. It has been a great experience for him so far. He enjoys working with the promotion and assured me that they take care of their fighters inside and outside of the cage (La Jaula). He was expected to fight on September 15 but the fight was canceled. Luckily it has been rescheduled for October 13 in San Antonio, Texas. His opponent is yet to be named, but it doesn’t matter to him. He is eager to get in there and showcase his skills. His ultimate goal is to be a world champion one day with a promotion that treats him well.

Since he has taken the long road to success he offered one piece of advice for the up and coming fighters. It was simply to follow your heart. If it is something you really want then go for it. Make sure you are serious and ready to give it 100% every time.

Lastly, he did tell me that being a fighter means the world to him. He is able to live out his dreams and do what makes him happy. Felipe believes that he was born to be a fighter. He knew it from the first time he stepped foot inside of a gym. Watching his favorite such as GSP and Robbie Lawler just made him want it even more.

When asked if he has Submitted to the Takeover he said, “This is Felipe Vargas and I have Submitted to the Takeover.”

Felipe wanted to thank everyone who has helped him along the way. His friends and family back home who support him in every decision. He also wanted to thank his former training partners before he made his move. Huge thank you to the staff and fighters at American Top Team Gym for making him what he is today. He looks forward to excelling with a great team.

I have to say Felipe was one of the most humble people to talk with. He has a genuine passion for this sport and I wish him well in his upcoming fight and beyond. Signing off for this is Nick Portella.  @NickPortellaMMA


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