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Interview with Chandler Cole a fighter with a cause…

By: Nick Portella
What’s good fight fans? Today I caught up with Chandler “The Hammer” Cole. Chandler is an undefeated MMA fighter under the Valor promotion. He also is one of three people responsible for Clarity for Charity. Let’s have a seat with Chandler and talk about his career and efforts in making the world a better place.

Chandler plays a large role in Clarity for Charity. Being a local celebrity he uses his influence for the greater good. May 27, 2017, they will be holding a charity fundraiser. It will be held at farmer’s Insurance Company 842 Park Avenue NW Norton, VA 24273. The event will start at 8:00 a.m. and end at 4 p.m. The drive and charity event is mostly in need of canned food items, common household items ( i.e. paper towels, silverware, plates, bowls, cooking pots and pans, toothpaste, soap, shampoo, and other essential living supplies). Clothes, toiletries, and cash donations are also welcomed. All proceeds will go to the Community Catholic Charity in order to help those who have reached out for help due to economic despair, needing help with light bills, water bills, and even rent. This is a non-profit organization with the single goal of helping the community. If you are in the area and want to help please make the effort.

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When speaking with Chandler I asked him what it means to him to be a fighter since everyone has a unique reason. Chandler said that it is everything to him. If you took fighting out of his life he has no idea what he would do. He believes that he was put on this Earth to be a fighter. Chandler told me that it all started in high school when he began to wrestle. He followed it into college where he was successful. Due to unforeseen circumstances, he had to leave college early, but the training continued. He continued to perfect his craft and even took up catch wrestling where submissions are incorporated. He also trains boxing and muay thai. While holding no official belts Chandler likes to say that he has a black belt in hard work.

With an amateur MMA record of 12-0, I asked him what pushed him to go to the professional level at that point. Chandler said he had fought everyone that there was to fight. He told himself that he wanted to fight at the professional level eventually and it seemed like the time was right. He did fight for local promotions in Virginia, but his twelfth win was for Valor. He knew that they had a deep talent pool and it was the best way to test himself. He said that Valor set him up with a fight against Matt Foley who was the number one middleweight for Valor and he won the fight via decision. That win made him take the step to the pro’s because he knew that he was ready.

Chandler finds his home at Team Fast, a gym he has trained with since he was in high school. He would go there after a full practice at school, rehydrate, and continue to train. there to continue to train wrestling. He took a fight which he won right before college, he would train when there when he was home on break, and when he left college for good he trained their full time. He would occasionally train with American Killer Bees where he will be spending more time in the near future.

Looking at his stats Chandler has fought at light heavyweight, heavyweight, and even middleweight. I had to ask what methods of weight cutting he uses and how does he thinks it affects his strength. Chandler said that if he starts his cut early it really isn’t that bad. He did admit that he walks around pretty heavy. His last cut was 31 pounds in five days which was horrible for him. He did say that he rehydrated and refueled correctly so he felt pretty good considering the amount he had cut. He sticks with an anabolic diet which is high protein and fats but low carbs. It takes his body about a week to adjust and catch up to that diet and feel 100%.

Chandler is a very talented fighter. I wanted to know what he thought his best attribute is inside the cage. He told me he thinks his aggression is his best quality. He will push the fight until his opponent either slows down or stops. He also said he had an unlucky break where he lost a wrestling match due to stalling and since then his aggression and pushing the pace has been at a high and fast level.

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While Chandler is doing well as a professional it is clear that he is not even close to reaching his maximum potential. I wanted to know what Chandler’s goal was with his fighting career. He thought it was the perfect question. When he lost that state title due to a bad call he has always felt like he had an emptiness inside. He wants to find something to replace that feeling that he carries with him. He figured out the one thing that will help him with that task. He said he needs to be the best in the world and win the UFC title.

Chandler has been branded the nickname The Hammer. When I asked him about it, he told me that bunch of friends had been sitting around with him joking about nicknames. He suggested Chandler The Hammer just as a joke. His next fight came up and he told the promoters it was his nickname. They announced it that way and it has stuck since then. He admits that it did start as a joke, but now it is a part of himself.

Chandler is definitely a local hero to his community. Being involved with food drives and special needs programs.He told me that he can not explain the feeling. He always wonders what he has done to be blessed in the ways he has. He assured me that it is a humbling experience to know people appreciate what he does.

Chandler also wanted to give some advice for the new fighters getting into the game. His advice was simple. Don’t ever let anyone tell you that you can’t do it. He has had so many people bash him and tell him he could not make it. He continues to show up at the gym every day and get better. Visions without preparations are just dreams.

Chandler would like to thank so many people. His friends, family, coaches, and even the people who have shown him negative attention. They all played a vital role in his success today. Give him a follow on social media and use #TeamCole. I wish him all the best of luck in his career. I know we will be seeing his name again soon in the future. Signing off for TheMMATakeOver.com this is Nick Portella. @NickPortellaMMA

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