Interview with Alannah “A. Kaye 47” Arnett

By:  Nick Portella

What’s good fight fans? Today I had the chance to talk to undefeated amateur MMA fighter Alannah “A. Kaye 47” Arnett. Alannah is 2-0 and will be stepping into the cage again on June 30 for Valor Fights.

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Alannah was around six years old and was on the short end of being bullied. She begged her mother to be put in martial arts classes but was told no that is for boys. While out at a video store one day Alannah enters in a drawing without her mother knowing for a free 30 training membership which she had won. The phone call came and she convinced her mother to take her. She started with Tae Kwon Do around the age of 7. Two years later she added in some boxing and then jiu-jitsu. That is what lead her to fight in MMA 18 years later.

While currently being undefeated Alannah admits the road was not easy. She has had the normal bumps, bruises, and broken bones but that was not the hardest part. At the age of 21, she fell in love with someone at the gym. The relationship had grown toxic between the verbal and physical abuse that she had to endure. It got so bad that it began to affect her training and even got her banned from one of the biggest Jiu Jitsu associations there is. All the negative attention a person would hate she received from telling her she is no good and how much of an awful person she was. She searched for a new place to train in desperation and was able to find two places, but that did not come without hardship either.

Alannah is currently training out of Ian’s Gym in Somerset which is one hour away and Lucas Lepri in Knoxville which is one and a half hours away. In the beginning, the commute was difficult and that is the reason she has not fought as much as she wanted to. Not all bad stories end badly. She has also found her best friend, training partner, and boyfriend through jiu-jitsu. He pushes her to train, helps her with her diet, and is able to teach her many techniques because he holds a black belt in BJJ. She is now surrounded with the right group of people and is able to pursue what she started several years ago.

Fighting is more than a sport to her. It means that she is living a lifestyle that few could. It means getting up every day and giving it 110% even when you don’t feel like you can. She has an absolute passion for the sport of MMA but admits she loves being in the Gi so she does favor Judo and Jiu-jitsu.

On the more technical side of things, Alannah has fought at many different weight classes. While dieting is very important is is different for her every time. While luckily she has never done a major what cut she doesn’t have a specific method that works better or worse for her. She doe4s use the sauna method more than others, but her biggest water cut was only 10 pounds.

Alannah “A. Kaye 47” Arnett has fought under a few promotions so far. Warrior FC, Hardrock MMA, and now Valor is the place she calls home. She doesn’t decide on the promotions though. She puts her faith in her coaches and they deal with those tasks so she can focus on herself and the fight. On a side note, A. Kaye 47 is a unique nickname and unique nicknames come with unique stories. Lucky for her A. Kaye was what her father called her as a child so landing the nickname was not too hard of a task.

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June 30 she will be stepping into the cage against a tough opponent in Emille Prince. While she does not know anything about her opponent her coaches review the tape and come up with the best game plan. Alannah comes ready to go with the insight of her trainers as the best version of herself she can be. She did say that she will be finishing her opponent via second round submission so time will tell. Should her intuition prove valid and she emerges victorious and still undefeated she is still not in a huge rush to push her MMA career. Rather than go into the pros and not be ready she will feel when the time is right and then she will make her move. Her plan is to take every 115 and 125-pound title in the area. Tennessee first, then Kentucky, and finally Ohio.

On the lighter side of things she told me that her favorite fighter of all time is Cody “No Love” Garbrandt. He has a fighting style and pace that she loves. She also would like to have a “dream fight” against grappling superstar MacKenzie Dern. MacKenzie is a black belt which would be cool for her but says it would be a great opportunity to get an autograph also.

Alannah wanted to send this message when asked if she had submitted to the takeover.


Alannah would like to give shoutouts to Nutrishop in both the London and Somerset locations for keeping me fueled for fight camp, Machina Boxing for the gear, Laban Propst for keeping my BJJ on point, Ian Lawler for his help on and off the mat, and her boyfriend Mike Jacobs for pushing her to be the best version of herself she can be every day.

I enjoyed speaking with Alannah. She is a confident competitor with a plan to execute. I wish her all the best in her upcoming fight. Signing off for this is Nick Portella.  @NickPortellaMMA



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