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buffer-3“The MMA Takeover came out of a private sports related Facebook group. Several of thr writers of the website all met each other in this group. The group discussed several main stream sports like baseball, football, basketball, etc. However, as time went on, we noticed a lack of MMA discussion. We began to post MMA news, and write our own MMA articles for the site. The more we posted, the more people began to join the discussion, and quickly began to be known as the MMA group. We decided that we wanted to have the most in depth discussions and best material in the group. Slowly over time, we began to create weekly popular segments like Fighter of the Week, the Great Debate, and the Poll of the Week. We also decided to create our own top 10 rankings, and created a weekly MMA Live Cast called the Clinch, which can be found on You Tube. After out growing the group, we have decided to create a team of passionate MMA fans from all over the America, and branch off our own MMA site. On our sight you should find the newest MMA news, in depth articles, videos, up to date rankings, and a live cast. We thank you for visiting our site, and hope you enjoy our material. We are a group of MMA fans writing to other MMA fans.”

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