Holm and Brunson Lose Appeals

The outcome of the two top billed fights from this past Saturday’s UFC 208 in Brooklyn, New York are being contested. First, Holly Holm is appealing her lost to Germain de Randamie. The two fighters fought in the main event for the inaugural women’s featherweight title, which de Randamie won by decision. The controversy comes due to de Randamie landing strikes on Holm after the bell ending the second and third rounds. Holm is arguing that de Randamie should have had points taken away from her, plus the strikes might have swayed the judges in favor of de Randamie because they saw the dutch fighter landing heavy shots on the defenseless Holm.

Holm’s teammate, Derek Brunson is appealing his unanimous decision loss in the co-main event to Anderson Silva. Most media writers and fans had scored the fight for Brunson. Brunson is arguing that because he landed the more total strikes, more significant strikes, the only takedowns of the contest, and had a huge lead in top side control, he should have been awarded the decision.

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The New York Athletic Commission will hear the appeals of both fighters.

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