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5 Questions with Bellator Star, Heather Hardy.

By Keith Shillan

I got to speak with undefeated boxing and MMA star Heather Hardy before her Bellator 185 fight against Kristina Williams. Here are some of the highlights for the scrum.


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Keith: What do you say to the critics that say that if you pursue a career in both MMA and boxing that you will be spread out too thin, and that you won’t be able to succeed in both sports?

Heather: I would say have you ever seen a single mother raise a 13-year-old on her own while having a full-time job, while also winning a belt. Don’t ever underestimate a single mom.

Keith: You are taking on Kristina Williams, who is making her pro debut. This is after taking on a seasoned veteran in Alice Yauger. It seems like a step back. Do you feel any added pressure considering almost everyone expects you to win?

Heather: It’s hard to say a step back. In the first fight, I was criticized that I was fighting an opponent, An underdog, who was in her late 30s. Even though I am in my 30s. Those were the criticisms for my 1st opponent. Now I am fighting a hungry lion. She was undefeated as an amateur. Unlike boxing, amateur MMA is very similar to professional MMA. She didn’t have to fight with protective gear. She is very accustomed to what we are gonna do in the fight. I am not taking her lightly. I am not overstepping her.

Keith: Obviously you are a World Class boxer. You prefer to throw your hands. How much of the other aspects of MMA will we see in this fight? Do you plan on wrestling and grappling at all?

I don’t want to call it. I have been practicing some fancy shit with my kicks! I’m excited and everything. But we go with what feels right, even on the floor. I know what butters my bread.

Keith: Obviously you already have a big name in the sport. Many girls are calling you out. However, are you looking at anybody next that you want to build your name off of?

Heather: I think it is so disrespectful to of me to put myself in the company of champions. This is girls that have been doing this for years. Let me prove myself. Let them start being worried about me before I call them out. Right now, I am just a rookie.

What is your official prediction for the fight?

Heather: Win win win.! Win big baby.  I don’t know how I am gonna do it, but I will get the job done.



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