GSP on early weigh ins: “I think it’s very bad”

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Former UFC champion George Saint-Pierre does not approve of the early weigh-in policy.

When GSP was competing, the procedure was for fighters to weigh in the early afternoon. However, the new system which has been introduced in June 2016, requires them to weigh in several hours earlier. This has resulted in mixed feelings among the MMA community as more than 30 fighters have missed weight in the past 17 months.

Although weight cutting has always been a controversial issue in the sport, GSP seems to think the new procedure will not help to solve the problem and could potentially make it worst, as fighters are forced to cut weight in a shorter amount of time.

He addressed the matter during the UFC 217 media scrum to promote his middleweight world title bout against Michael Bisping:

I think the new rule of doing the weigh-in earlier is bad because it makes the fighter cut more weight, they have more time for recuperation before the fight. I think it’s the worst thing they could do. It’s good for rehydration because you have more time, but if you know you have more time, you’ll cut more weight. I think it’s bad. I think it’s very bad.

GSP believes a monitoring policy should be adopted, where the fighter will be required to weigh on a weekly basis 30 days before the fight.

30 days before, every week you have to weigh-in, on the day of the fight you have to weigh in. That would make sense.

Watch GSP’s full media scrum:

GSP (25-2) will be making his return to the octagon the on the 4th of November at Madison Square Garden, New York where he will be facing Michael Bisping (31-7) for the middleweight title. The card will also feature two other title bouts.

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