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Great Debate: Daniel Cormier vs Jon Jones

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Fight fans, it’s time for the main event of our great debate. Jon Jones against Daniel Cormier once more, for the light-heavyweight championship tomorrow night. I will be debating with David VanBogelen from Average Joe’s Podcast. Let’s get to it.


Why Jon Jones Will Win:

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By David VanBogelen

Saturday July 29th live from Anaheim California, Jon Jones will regain what he never really lost and what is rightfully his when he defeats the false champion Daniel Cormier in dominating fashion. Jon Jones was never defeated for his title. Jon Jones has never lost to Daniel Cormier. In fact, in their previous meeting Jon dominated Cormier for 5 rounds and handed Cormier his first and only loss. Jon Jones is Cormier’s kryptonite! Fact is, Jon Jones only loss in his career came at the hands of a BS judgment of elbow strikes by an idiot ref that at worst should have called it a no-contest. At 30 years of age, Jon should be undefeated. No man has been able to stop him, including Daniel Cormier. That record will not change come UFC 214.

Yes, Jon Jones has had out of the cage issues with drugs and alcohol. It seems that’s all Daniel Cormier has focused on for 2 years because it’s the only chink the Jones’ armor. Cormier cannot say a thing about Jones’s ability, talent, record or domination. But what Cormier fails to mention is the good things Jones has done. The night of Jones’s very first title shot, which he won by TKO, Jones stopped a mugger in a park that stole a woman’s purse and at great risk to himself, held the criminal until the authorities arrived. If Cormier want’s to focus on out of the cage stories, maybe he needs to look at the fact that Jones has done great things for many people as well.

But this shouldn’t be about what happens outside the cage. This is the fight game. This should be about what happens inside the cage. I dare you to compare the amount of talent Jones has faced and destroyed on his streak of 8 title defenses, never once facing the same competition twice. Jones always looked forward and defeated the “who’s who” of the light heavyweight division. What has Daniel done? Barely squeaked by Alexander Gustafsson by split decision , and beat Anthony Jonhson twice, once when he didn’t even want to be in the cage anymore. Cormier’s so called “run” has been more of a crawl than anything.

Before the age of 30, media outlets across the country have already pegged Jon Jones as the greatest fighter to ever enter the octagon. He has gifts Cormier cannot dream of, a reach he cannot counter, a style he cannot compete with, and Daniel Cormier is in a fight he once again cannot win. This Saturday night will not be reminiscent of UFC 182 when these men met for the first time. This time Jon Jones will finish DC and send him home once again a loser, but his time Cormier will retire. Cormier cannot beat Jones, and we’ll all see it this weekend.

Prediction: Jones by 3rd Round TKO


Why Daniel Cormier Will Win:

By Justin Peck

After what seemed like an eternity, we will finally get to see the bad blood between Daniel Cormier and Jon Jones settled in the cage. The two will collide this Saturday night at UFC 214 in the much anticipated rematch. Cormier has held the reigns to the light-heavyweight division ever since Jon Jones was forced away due to a number of issues outside of the cage. Cormier will keep those reigns after Saturday.

Let’s rewind to UFC 182. Jon Jones won a unanimous decision over Daniel Cormier in a fight that was closer than many people remember. Cormier won round 2 and was fighting well in round 3 before an eye poke shifted the momentum. Since that bout, Jones has one fight, a victory over Ovince St. Preux. Daniel Cormier has beaten Anthony Johnson twice, Alexander Gustafsson, and Anderson Silva. Although a very different fighter than Cormier, Jones did not look to be at the top of his game against St. Preux. What is not different, however, is that Jones will be returning from another layoff. Against an opponent like Daniel Cormier, Jones needs to be dialed in. I have my doubts that he is.

During Jones’ extended absence, the rules in MMA have changed a bit. Jones is well known for extending his arm out with an open hand when getting a feel for his range. This is now a penalty and Jones could have a point deducted, even without an eye poke. This is a very hard muscle memory to break, and could rear its head on Saturday. This could take a round that Jones won away from him, or turn a close 10-9 round for Cormier into a 10-8 round. It is a natural reaction to put the arm out on a much shorter opponent, not to mention the 12 inch reach advantage for Jones.

Cormier was fatigued by the midway point of round 3 in the first battle between the two. He proved in his victory over Alexander Gustafsson that his cardio has improved and he can last 5 rounds in the octagon while pushing the tempo.

Cormier is a very smart fighter. In their first fight, he was able to light up Jones legs with some kicks, but he didn’t throw them as often as I felt he should. Although it would be ideal for Cormier to have the fight take place in mid or close range, he can deliver some damage to Jones small legs with some counter-kicks. In doing so, he can quickly secure a takedown if he gets Jones to do so much as stumble.

Cormier will use his brains as well as his brawn to fight a much smarter fight this time around. He will stick to his strengths and the judges will take notice as he secures takedowns and strikes accurately on his way to a decision victory.

Prediction: Cormier by DEC


*The MMA Takeover would like to thank David VanBogelen for participating in the Great Debate. Make sure to listen to him and the rest of the team on the Average Joe’s MMA Podcast.

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