Could Frankie Edgar vs Cody Garbrandt Happen at UFC 222? They Both Agree to Fight Each Other


On Saturday, the UFC announced that UFC featherweight champion, Max Holloway was injured and had to be removed from his headlining fight against former UFC lightweight champion, Frankie Edgar at UFC 222. Just moments after the news, the rumors started to circulate that the UFC was trying to book Edgar vs Brian Ortega for a non-title bout and the UFC was also trying to set up a rematch with TJ Dillashaw against Cody  Garbrandt at UFC 222.

It seems like both rumored fights are likely not going to happen.

The issue with Ortega not getting put against Edgar is because Ortega currently has 1-fight left in his current contract and the UFC would likely not put him in such a big fight without signing him to some kind of extension first. It is possible that the UFC and Ortega could work out a deal, but as of right now there is no word on them even talking about a new contract. Ariel Helwani is reporting that an Edgar vs Ortega fight is close to happening but the UFC does not want a non-title fight to headline a UFC card.

Former bantamweight champion, Cody Garbrandt took to social media on Saturday and announced that he signed a contract to fight Dillashaw, but the current champion, Dillashaw was reluctant to sign the contract. Later in the evening, Dillashaw gave the following statement to ESPN’s Brett Okimoto

Edgar wants to stay on the card and presented this open challenge on Twitter


Apparently, Garbrandt is really eager to fight on the card and responded to Edgar’s tweet with the following:

UFC fighters Sidney Outlaw and Daniel Hooker also offered to take a fight with Edgar, but Garbrandt is the most likely candidate of the three.

Do you think the UFC will match Edgar vs Garbrandt at UFC 222?

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