Video: Former Diet Coach, Mike Dolce Talks About Johny Hendricks Weight Cut Issue

Former MMA fighter, and nutrient and diet coach, Mike Dolce posted a 12 minute video on his Youtube page speaking about the multiple weight cutting issues of one of his former clients, Johny Hendricks. Dolce stated that Hendricks is a “friend, a great guy, and a special athlete”. Dolce pointed out that he knows Hendricks is working hard, but is surrounded by “guys that is not best for him”. He even stated that he loves Hendricks.

Dolce overseen many of Hendricks training camps before the two split. Since the departure, Hendricks has been unsuccessful at making weight 3 of the last 4 scheduled fights (he never weighed in for his scheduled fight against Tyron Woodley). Dolce said that Hendricks “looked terrible” at the weigh ins and believes that his performance will suffer for it.

Dolce pointed out that he has been working with Ronda Rousey, who was the first person to make weight today at the weigh ins, and looks to be in fantastic shape. He praised Rousey’s work ethic.

Check out the full video here:

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