Floyd Mayweather vs Conor McGregor World Tour Part 3 Recap

After two wild press conferences in back to back days, the circus came to Brooklyn, New York. The press conference for boxing legend, Floyd Mayweather Jr, and current UFC lightweight champion, Conor McGregor was held in the sold out Barclays Center.

Like the first two days, the two fighters came out to entrance music and got in each other’s faces. After the Brooklyn crowd booed executives from Showtime, McGregor got his chance to get on the mic.

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The Irish man continued his attack from the first two days, where he was wildly considered the winner. McGregor was wearing a white mink fur suit that he joked was made by polar bears. McGregor paid a quick tribute to the late rapper, the Notrious B.I.G.

He addressed the claims that he was racist which he called “ridiculous”. He told Mayweather to give him oral sex (not in those words) and continued his usual trash talk.

Mayweather pulled a stack of one dollar bills to start his portion and threw it over McGregor and calling him a stripper. The weirdest portion of the press conference happened when Mayweather called his large amount of bodyguards to surround McGregor, which almost started a melee.

The two finished the press conference with a steer down with both guys barking back and forth at each other.

The two will be present for the last press conference in London, England on Friday. They will box each other on August 26th in Las Vegas, Nevada.


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