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Floyd Mayweather Jr vs Conor McGregor World Tour Day 2 Recap

The Floyd Mayweather Jr vs Conor McGrgor world tour continued on Wednesday. The two fighters met at the sold out Sony Center in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. The two picked up on the trash talk that started the day before in Los Angeles, California

The press conference took place an hour after its scheduled time because Mayweather Jr showed up late as part of a power move.

The press conference started with both fighters being in each other’s faces and started barking towards each other.

After the rowdy crowd booed Showtime President Stephen Espinoza off the stage, McGregor got on the mic and exploded the crowd. He started by punching the microphone out of the stand. He would go on to have the crowd chant “fuck the Mayweathers”.

The most epic part was when McGregor yelled “fuck Showtime” and then got into Stephe Espinoza’s face and called him a weasel and a bitch.

When Mayweather Jr got on the microphone, he attempted to start a “hard work” chant but was absolutely drowned out by boos. He would talk about how much money he had and pulled out a bag with money. He challenged McGregor to bet his fight purse on the fight which McGregor accepted.

The weirdest part was when Mayweather was tossed an Irish flag and draped it over himself. McGregor quickly sprung to his feet and seized the bag of money.

The two finished off the press conference by getting in each other’s faces and bickering at each other at each other

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