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Fisler’s 5: Top 5 upsets in MMA history

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This week in the Fisler’s 5 I’m going to giving you my personal top 5 favorite upsets in MMA history

Honorable Mentions
Michael Bisping vs Luke Rockhold
Frankie Edgar vs BJ Penn
BJ Penn vs Matt Hughes
Sokoudjou vs Antônio Rogério Nogueira AKA Lil Nog

Number 5. Holly Holm (+450) vs Ronda Rousey (-1650)
UFC 193: Rousey vs Holm, November 14th 2015

Before Conor McGregor really broke into UFC stardom there was only one superstar in MMA and that someone was Ronda Rousey! She was 12-0 while defending her UFC Women’s Bantamweight title six times and just absolutely dominating everyone that was thrown in front of her. Her four previous fights lasted only 2 minutes and 10 seconds. Ronda was the biggest favorite on my list and it is just so fitting she happened to lose in front of the biggest crowd in UFC history.

Once the fight started Ronda pushed the pace and Holm countered with her world class boxing and kickboxing. She was able to just sit back  and tag Rousey with her left hand over and over,  to control the distance. After the first, Ronda was visually exhausted and bloodied up and the first time in her career lost a round. The second round was a perfectly executed game plan by Holm, who just controlled the distance and picking Rousey apart. Holm connected with a clean left hand, stumbling Ronda, then right as she went to gain her balance, boom head kick and Ronda Rousey’s rein is over.

Number 4. Chris Weidman (+180) vs Anderson Silva (-295)
UFC 162: Silva vs Weidman, July 6th, 2013

Leading up to UFC 162, Anderson “The Spider” Silva was considered the undisputed #1 pound for pound fighter in the world, riding a 16 fight winning streak with 10 consecutive title defenses. On the other hand ,Chris “The All American” Weidman came into the fight with a perfect 9-0 record and ready to shock the world.

In the first round, Weidman quickly went for a take down and took Silva down landing some ground and pound and making an attempt to land a heel hook. Once back on there feet, there was a lot of Silva egging on Weidman. Silva told him to kick and hit him. In between rounds, Silva stood the whole time and at one point went to the middle of the ring to tell Weidman “come on man”. Once the second round started it was a lot of the same from Silva. He started taunting his opponent. Silva even taunted Weidman, after being hit by a left hand. He continued to fake that he was hurt while Chris applied pressure and just throw wild punches. One of the punches landed on Silva’s chin and  and dropped him,  leading to the end of the fight. Just proving you must respect your opponent at all time in the Octagon

Number 3. T.J. Dillashaw (+475) vs Renan Bareo (-1215)
UFC 173: Bareo vs Dillashaw, May 24th 2014

A few months before Dillashaw and Bareo met at UFC 173, Bareo defended his Bantamweight title for the third time at UFC 169 vs Urijah Faber. After finishing Faber early in the first round, there was no doubt he was at least in the discussion for the #1 pound for pound fighter in the world. He was on a 32 fight unbeaten streak and hadn’t lost for over nine years.

The second the bell rang to start the first round vs TJ Dillashaw, Bareo knew he was in a lot of trouble. Dillashaw outclassed Barao in basically every aspect of the sport. Dillashaw’s footwork and speed were just far to superior for Barao. Unlike all the other upsets on my list, this was a full blown beat down for 4 and a half rounds. After four rounds, most people judging the fight had it at least 40-36 for Dillashaw. This did not stop TJ from wanting to keep the decision out of the judges hands. He went into the fifth round as if he was losing. He was able to land a head kick followed by a barrage of punches to finish Bareo and become the new Bantamweight Champion

Number 2. Fabricio Werdum (+325) vs Fedor Emelianenko (-550)
Strikeforce: Fedor vs Werdum, June 26th, 2010

Whenever you start a conversation about the greatest Heavyweight MMA fighters of all time, at the top of that list should no doubt be Fedor Emelianenko. Coming into the fight with Werdum, he was riding a 27 fight winning streak and beat many of the top heavyweights of All-Time.

Everyone thought it was expected to be a  given that Fedor would just walk right threw Werdum and face Overeem for the Strikeforce Heavyweight Championship, Emelianenko very early into the fight learned just why Werdum is known as probably the greatest heavyweight submission artist in MMA history. Once Werdum got Emelianenko to come to the group, it became Werdum’s world.  Just one minute and nine seconds into the fight he submitted Emelianenko with a triangle arm bar

Number 1. Matt Serra (+850) vs George St-Pierre (-1300)
UFC 69: Shootout, April 7th, 2007

Lastly on my list of biggest upsets in MMA history, Matt Serra over Georges St. Pierre! When you talk about George “Rush” St Pierre,  it’s hard not to mention just how dominate of a champion he really was. The fight before Serra, St. Pierre won the UFC Welterweight Belt by defeating long time defending champ Matt Hughes by TKO.

When the fight started,  no one really gave Serra a chance. Everyone figured that St. Pierre would just pick him apart from a distance with his six inch reach advantage,  and that’s what you got for the first two minutes or so. Serra was able to land a right hand that connected the back of St. Pierre’s head and that was the beginning of the end. It still took some chasing around and well placed punches from Serra to drop St. Pierre and really put him away. St. Pierre ended up winning the title back from Serra a few years later, but there first fight is mine and most people’s number 1 upset in MMA history.

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