Fighter of the Week: “The Korean Zombie” Chan Sung Jung

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Written by Cory Groeneveld
On this week’s edition of Fight of the Week, we take a look at Chan Sung Jung or better known as “The Korean Zombie.” Coming off a very impressive 1st round KO against Dennis Bermudez The Korean Zombie is looking to establish himself in the UFC after a three and half year absence to serve military time for the Republic of Korea Armed Services.
Let’s take a look at the life of Chan Sung Jung and see how he got where he is today. Chan Sung Jung was born and raised in South Korea. Growing up he faced a lot of bullying from other kids. Sometimes the bullying would eventually lead to fighting. Sick of seeing him get bullied, hit aunt enrolled him into a gym near where they lived. He first started off training in kickboxing at the age of 14. Soon after he would learn the arts of judo and Brazilian jiu jitsu.
Jung’s made his professional debut in 2007. He entered into a Sambo tournament where he went on to win the tournament. Also that same year he entered Lightweight division of the Pancrase Korea Neo-Blood Tournament. Once again he would go onto win this tournament as well. In 2008 Jung would go on to fight in the Japanese mixed martial arts promotion known as DEEP. Both times he fought in DEEP he came out victorious with one win via unanimous decision and the other via KO 17 seconds into the fight.
In 2010 Jung had made a name for himself. He finally was moving up and signed with World Extreme Cage Fighting. His very first fight was as a fill in for Cub Swanson against Leonard Garcia at WEC 48. The fight ended up with a split decision going Garcia’s way. Many media outlets and fans had the fight going Jung’s way. This brought up a lot of questions about how accurate the judging really was. The fight ended up being awarded fight of the night and fight of the year. The fight is considered to be one of the greatest fights in history.
The very next year Jung would finally make his UFC debut. He made his debut at Fight Night 24. What better matchup than a rematch with Leonard Garcia? This time it would be Jung that would come out on top. What was impressive was the way he won. He became the first fighter ever to win with a twister submission. This submission earned him submission of the night and of the year. After a couple years of fighting in the UFC, in 2013 Jung finally got a shot at the Featherweight Championship against Jose Aldo at UFC 163. Jung fighting hard ended up dislocating his shoulder. This would eventually help Aldo secure the title with a 4th round TKO against Jung.
In October of 2014 Jung announced he would be taking a leave from the UFC to fulfill mandatory military obligations in South Korea. Jung ended up taking off over 3 years from the UFC. When his mandatory military obligations were fulfilled the UFC welcomed Jung back and set him up with a main event fight at Fight Night 104 against Dennis Bermudez. There were questions if the 3.5 year layoff would play a big factor. Jung was quick to show the world that he was still a force to be dealt with. He went on to KO Bermudez in the first round. It is going to be interesting to follow 29 year old Korean Zombie over the next couple of years to see how far up the ranks he can get. He will for sure be someone you can’t take lightly.
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