Fighter of the Week: Adam Townsend

Hello MMA fans, it is time again for our Fighter of the Week. This week, we venture outside of the UFC with our spotlight to Legacy Fighting Alliance. On Friday, February 24 in Broomfield, Colorado, Adam “Prime Time” Townsend (17-4) was victorious against Marcus Edwards (12-5) at LFA 5, winning by TKO with 7 seconds remaining in the third round. This was his third straight win via stoppage. After the fight, Townsend announced that he had broken his ribs during the fight, however, he was able to fight through the pain.

If you only saw the first few minutes of the fight, you’d be almost certain that Townsend would not walk away with a win. Early in the first round, Edwards landed a hard leg kick to the head of Townsend. Edwards stormed in with a flurry of punches and knees going for an early finish. This is when it is assumed the injury to Townsend occurred. Able to withstand the onslaught from Edwards, Townsend was able to escape and quickly get his wits about. He would score a takedown and survive the round.

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During the next two rounds, Townsend was able to take down Edwards and control the top position. He continuously punished Edwards with ground and pound, up until the fight was stopped. Townsend was again victorious. If he was looking to get the UFC’s attention, as we imagine he was after shouting his phone number to Sean Shelby, this fight was a great way to do it.

Townsend, a Tennessee native and former high school football star, began fighting in his living room. Yes, you read that correctly. After watching UFC fights with his friends, they would clear out some space and go after each other. A few years later, after being introduced to some fighters, he joined a gym to train professionally. On July 14, 2012 he was victorious in his first professional fight, after going 8-0 as an amateur. He would go on to win his next three fights before hitting a bump in the road in a fight against Frankie Perez, a fighter who has since made it to the UFC. That did not slow Townsend down too much, as he was back in the cage five weeks later. Townsend fought a remarkable 12 times from 2013 to 2014.

In 2016, Townsend earned the opportunity to fight in Beijing China against former UFC fighter Junior Assuncao. This was part of a four man tournament that was never completed. In the first round, Assuncao was forced to stop due to injury, Townsend picking up the win. Townsend should have then fought the winner of Yuki Sasaki and Tahar Hadbi. Hadbi won the fight, but the matchup between Townsend and Hadbi never came to fruition.

We’re not sure if Townsend has gotten the UFC’s attention, but he has sure gotten ours. Adam Townsend is your MMA Takeover Fighter of the Week.

Photo Courtesy of LFA

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