Exciting News About Our Website

I am so excited to announce two big exciting things for theMMATakeover

1. We are partnering with the Loud Mouth MMA Podcast. The Loud Mouth MMA Podcast is an award winning podcast that is doing some of the best shows and interviews in the MMA world. Starting this week you will be able to find episodes of the podcast on our website. The host of the podcast Kyle Taylor Steele will also be contributing to our site. He will be writing articles, while also be included in the rankings and staff predictions. Kyle and I will also be teaming up to do a UFC recap podcast after each UFC event. We are so excited to be able to work with Kyle.

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2. I am so excited to announce that we have added Garrett Kerman to our staff. Garrett is a very success MMA handicapper. Garrett is hard working and driven. He will be contributing to our breaking news, rankings, staff predictions and writing an article letting you know what bets to make on the fights. We are so excited to have Garrett as part of our team.

To follow these guys work, make sure you check out themmatakeover.com.

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