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Adam Dyczka stripped of TKO Heavyweight title.


Adam Dyczka was recently crowned the first heavyweight champion in TKO history after defeating Bakary Sakho via 1st round knockout. However, he has been stripped due a anti-doping violation.
The Quebec Athletic Comission informed¬†Talion Sports Entertainment Inc. (TKO’s parent company) of the violation on the 25th of January 2018. Following the announcement Dyczka was stripped and his fight with Sakho was turned to a no contest. Furthermore, Dyczka is indefinitely suspended from the promotion until his suspension is officially announced by the Quebec Athletic Comission.

TKO president, Stephane Patry was quick to comment on the situation:

Adam is a very talented fighter, he now has to go back to the drawing board and overcome this situation like a true athlete. He has what it takes to regain this title and make history in this sport. The ball is now in his camp. I have been in contact with his manager and I trust he will take the best decisions for his career so we can have him back with TKO clean and 100% ready.

Dyczka has been summoned to appear in front of the commissioners during the next couple of weeks.

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