Dropping Tonnage Vol. 3

Fighters Who Have Literally KO'd A Ton Of People

If you are an active MMA fan, or combat sports fan for that matter, I’m sure you’ve heard or said to yourself “Man he knocked out a ton of people.” Well that got me wondering… who has literally knocked out a ton of people by weight (2000 lbs.)?


This week Cain Ramirez Velasquez 14-2 MMA (12-2 UFC) will be our focus. Velasquez was born in Salinas, Ca. on July 28, 1982 to Efrain & Isabel Velasquez. His background in wrestling shows how he was great from his high school days where he went 110-10 while attending Kofa High School. He would continue wrestling while in college winning the NJCAA National Championship at Iowa Central in 2001/2002. Then to Arizona State where he went 86-17 over three seasons.


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Velasquez made his pro MMA debut in October 2006, with Strikeforce, when he defeated Jesse “The Ronin” Fujarczyk 2-2 MMA in the first round by TKO. Two fights and two 1st round TKO wins later, he won his UFC debut vs Brad Morris 10-6 MMA at UFC 83 in April 2008. He would go on to win 5 straight bouts to earn a shot at 2x defending heavyweight champ Brock Lesnar 5-3-1 MMA.


Velasquez stopped Lesnar’s four fight winning streak and claimed the heavyweight strap in the first round of their main event at UFC 121. At just 4:12 into the fight, Lesnar was handed his second career loss. Velasquez would lose his belt in his first defense to Junior “Cigano” dos Santos 18-5 MMA just over a year later at UFC on Fox 1 in an unbelievable 1:04 of fighting. Breaking an incredible 9 fight winning streak by a heavyweight and suffering his first career loss.


Velasquez would rebound from the loss 6 months later at UFC 146 where he would defeat Antonio “Bigfoot” Silva 19-12-1 MMA in the first round to earn a re-match and another shot at the belt. That shot came later that same year at UFC 155 where he would take a five round, unanimous decision over dos Santos. Velasquez would defend the belt twice over the next ten months in a rematch with Bigfoot and a trilogy with dos Santos.


It would be over a year and a half later, due to a knee injury, before Velasquez would make a losing attempt at a record-breaking 3rd title defense. At UFC 188 Fabricio “Vai Cavalo”  Werdum 23-7-1  would submit  Velasquez in the third round of their title bout. A rematch was scheduled for 7 months later where a back injury would again force Velasquez out of his rematch with Werdum at UFN 82. Five months later Velasquez would get a first round KO at UFC 200 over Travis Browne before again being pulled from his rematch with Werdum for health reasons five months later.


Werdum stands as the only loss to the two-time UFC heavyweight champ that wasn’t avenged. 12 of his wins come by KO/TKO with 9 in the first round.


In Velasquez’s 16 fight career he has KO/TKO’d 12 of his opponents totaling a whopping  2,927.5 lbs. of men.


In order from most recent:


Travis Browne          UFC 200        1st rnd. TKO  @  4:57   224 lbs.

Junior dos Santos    UFC 166        5th rnd. TKO  @  3:09   240 lbs.

Antonio Silva            UFC 160        1st rnd. TKO   @ 1:21    263 lbs.

Antonio Silva            UFC 146        1st rnd. TKO   @ 3:36    264 lbs.

Brock Lesnar            UFC 121       1st rnd. TKO   @ 4:12    264 lbs.

Antonio Nogueira      UFC 110        1st rnd. KO     @ 2:20    233 lbs.

Ben Rothwell             UFC 104        2nd rnd. TKO  @ 0:58    265 lbs.

Denis Stojnic             UFN 17          2nd rnd. TKO  @ 2:34    246 lbs.

Jake O’Brien              UFN 14         1st rnd. TKO   @ 2:02    236 lbs.

Brad Morris                UFC 83         1st rnd. TKO   @ 2:10    225.5 lbs.

Jeremiah Constant    Bodog            1st rnd. TKO   @ 4:00     240 lbs.

Jesse Fujarczyk        Strikeforce    1st rnd. TKO   @  1:58    227 lbs.


Which is your favorite Velasquez KO?


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