Dropping Tonnage Vol. 2

Fighters Who Have Literally KO'd A Ton Of People

If you are an active MMA fan, or combat sports fan for that matter, I’m sure you’ve heard or said yourself “Man he knocked out a ton of people.” Well that got me wondering… who has literally knocked out a ton of people by weight (2000 lbs.)?

This week I want to take a look at one of the most under appreciated (former) champions of the UFC, Michael “The Count” Bisping 30-8 MMA (20-8 UFC).

Bisping was born on a British Military Base in Nicosia, Cyprus on February 28, 1979. His Father was Polish and his Mother Irish. The “Count” moniker comes from his Polish ancestry where he is considered a Count. His Grandfather was the Polish military leader Andrew Andrzej. He is married to Rebecca Sidwick and has 3 kids.

Bisping is a 5x British kickboxing champ and Silver medalist at the 1995 World Jiu-jitsu Championships. He is a former UFC, Cage Rage, Cage Warriors and FX3 champion. He also has over half a dozen acting credits to his name.

Bisping tore into the UFC at The Ultimate Fighter 3 Finale by stopping Josh Haynes in the second round of the light-heavyweight co-main event. Making his UFC debut his 11 straight stoppage in his undefeated career and claiming the title of The Ultimate Fighter. Not to mention the two pro exhibition bouts which he stopped in the first round during his time on The Ultimate Fighter 3.

A few of the records that Bisping holds include:

Most wins in the UFC – 20 (tied with GSP)
Most bouts in the UFC – 28 (tied with Jim Miller)
Total fight time – 6:02:43 2nd place
5 time Fight of the Night winner
2 times Performance of the Night winner

Combat sports aren’t the only jobs Bisping has had. In the past he has tried his hand at factory work, as an upholsterer, postman, tiler, plasterer door salesman, production line work, making barbecues, as a DJ and even in a slaughterhouse. Not to mention the work he does for Fox Sports.

Never dropping back to back fights, Bisping has a big obstacle in Kelvin Gastelum 13-3-1 MMA (8-3-1 UFC) at this weekends UFC Fight Night 122. Bisping began his journey with the UFC in June of 2006. He has stated that he would like for his retirement bout to be in London next year. Stopped only 4 times in his 38 bout career, Bisping WILL be missed after he is gone.

In his 38 fight career Bisping has KO/TKO’d 16 of his opponents totaling a whopping 3,052.2 lbs. of men.

In order from most recent:

Luke Rockhold       UFC 199            1st rnd.   KO    @   3:36                185 lbs.
Cung Lee               UFN 48              4th rnd.   TKO  @   0:57                185 lbs.
Jason Miller           TUF 14 Finale    3rd rnd.   TKO  @   3:34                185.5 lbs.
Jorge Rivera          UFC 127            2nd rnd.   TKO  @   1:54                185 lbs.
Denis Kang            UFC 105            2nd rnd.   TKO  @   4:24                185 lbs.
Jason Day              UFC 85              1st rnd.    TKO  @   3:42                184 lbs.
Charles McCarthy  UFC 83              1st rnd.    TKO  @   5:00 (injury)    186 lbs.
Elvis Sinosic           UFC 70              2nd rnd.   TKO  @   1:20                205 lbs.
Eric Schafer            UFC 66             1st rnd.     TKO  @   4:24                205 lbs.
Josh Haynes           TUF 3 Finale     2nd rnd.   TKO  @   4:14                205 lbs.
Miika Mehmet          CWFC              1st rnd.     TKO  @   3:01                185 lbs.
Dave Radford          CWFC              1st rnd.     TKO  @   2:46                185 lbs.
Mark Epstein           Cage Rage 9    3rd rnd.     KO    @   4:43                198.4 lbs.
Andy Bridges           P&G 3              1st rnd.      KO    @   0:45                185 lbs.
Mark Epstein           Cage Rage 7    2nd rnd.     TKO  @   1:27                203.3 lbs
John Weir                UKMMAC 7      1st rnd.      TKO  @   0:50                185 lbs.

Which is your favorite Bisping KO?

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