Dropping Tonnage Vol. 1

Fighters Who Have Literally KO'd A Ton Of People

If you are an active MMA fan, or combat sports fan for that matter, I’m sure you’ve heard or said yourself “Man he knocked out a ton of people.” Well that got me wondering… who has literally knocked out a ton of people by weight (2000 lbs.)?

Over this series I am going to look at just that. I am also going to look at who has submitted a ton of people by weight in “Tapping Tonnage”. My plan is to alternate between KO/SUB each week so look for “Tapping Tonnage” beginning next week. Hopefully you will find this as interesting as I do.

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1st in this series I would like to talk about one of my favorites “The Super Samoan” Mark Hunt 13-11-1-1 MMA (8-5-1-1 UFC). Born in South Auckland, New Zealand March 23, 1974. To get an in depth look into some of the horrors of his personal life outside of fighting check out his book Born To Fight.

Hunt is a multi organization veteran. From his debut loss in Pride to his most recent KO of Derrick Lewis in the UFC, Hunt is an exciting, fighter to watch. However, with all the multiple walk-off and highlight reel KO’s comes some controversy.

Hunt has been an outspoken fighter since his acquisition by the UFC.

At first they wanted to buy out his contract (Reported at $450,000 in Sept. 2010) and he said no give me a chance. Now 15 fights later he may have reached his end. Hunt was recently pulled from his main event fight against Marcin Tybura for an upcoming Fight Night in Sydney, Australia. The UFC’s reasoning is due to his own comments about not remembering and stuttering/slurred speech. This after an active lawsuit against UFC, Dana White and Brock Lesnar stemming from a failed drug test by Lesnar at UFC 200, could finally be the end to Hunt’s UFC career.

In his 26 fight career Hunt has KO/TKO’d 10 of his opponents totaling a whopping 2,557 lbs. of men.

In order from most recent:

Derrick Lewis               UFC Fight Night 110           4th rnd. TKO    @ 3:51   265 lbs.
Frank Mir                      UFC Fight Night 85            1st rnd. KO       @ 3:01   260 lbs.
Antonio Silva                UFC 193                             1st rnd. TKO     @ 3:41   263 lbs.
Roy Nelson                   UFC Fight Night 52            2nd rnd. KO      @ 3:00   260 lbs.
Stefen Struve                UFC on Fuel TV 8              3rd rnd. TKO    @ 1:44   260 lbs.
Cheick Kongo               UFC 144                             1st rnd. TKO     @ 2:11   229 lbs.
Chris Tuchscherer        UFC 127                             2nd rnd. KO      @ 1:41   261 lbs.
Tsuyoshi Kosaka          Pride FC T.E.A.                  2nd rnd. TKO    @ 4:15   225 lbs.
Yosuke Nishijima          Pride 31                              3rd rnd. KO       @ 1:18   190 lbs.
Dan Bobish                   Pride 28                              1st rnd. TKO     @ 6:23   344 lbs.

Which is your favorite Hunt KO?

Can you guess who will be the Tapping Tonnage Vol.1 fighter? See you next week to find out.

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