DraftKings UFC Fight Night 115 Picks

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What’s up UFC fight fans? Burchy here with my Underdog, Value, Lock & the New Risky DraftKings UFC Fight Night 115 Picks.

This is a new column here on The MMA TakeOver that I originally started on my personal website burchisms.com.

The staff here at The MMA TakeOver was gracious enough to ask me to be a part of the team and continue my column for every DraftKings MMA UFC event for all of you avid fight fans!

I am super excited to be part of the team and to bring my DraftKings insights here to you all.

With Floyd Mayweather Jr vs Conor McGregor in the books, it’s time for MMA fans to get back to watching MMA. It seems forever since the last UFC event.

UFC Fight Night 115 takes place in Rotterdam, Netherlands this weekend. For us western World people that means the fights are going to be on at a super weird time early Saturday morning. Prelims start at 11:30am Eastern Standard Time. So be sure to wake up early so you can enjoy the fights.

Lets get into this weeks DraftKings UFC Fight Night 115 Picks.

DraftKings UFC Fight Night 115 Picks

Underdog Picks

Bryan Barberena $7,200 – I’m really surprised at the salary difference in this matchup between Barberena and his opponent, Leon Edwards. To me, this is a close matchup and I feel Barberena has the ability to put pressure on Edwards and potentially get a finish.

Rob Wilkinson $7,900 – Wilkinson is making his UFC debut but he is undefeated going up against a tough Siyar Bahadurzada. Although Bahadurzada just dispatched Brandon Thatch, the UFC often puts newcomers on the main card when they feel they have a talent on their hands. I think Wilkinson stays undefeated.

Value Picks

Alexander Volkov $8,400 – For somebody so tall with range, the Stefan Struve takes too many punches. Volkov on the other hand does not. Struve’s opponent Volkov is very tall himself standing around 6’7 or 6’8 to Struve’s 7 feet. Struve will only have 3 inches of reach advantage and he isn’t good at using his natural god given range as it is. I think Struve will have trouble with someone close to his own size and Volkov will use his higher fight IQ to score the win.

Alexsandar Rakic – Rakic is the more talented fighter than his opponent Francimar Barroso. He should provide good points for a medium range salary if he gets the finish. He does have a slight risk going against Barroso, who could turn this into a boring grinding fight. I think Rakic is good enough to avoid the grind and gets a nice early finish.


Abdul-Kerim Edilov $9,500 – My picking Edilov as a lock in his UFC debut has just as much to do with his opponent, Bojan Mihajlovic as it has to do about him. Edilov is a submission specialist going up against a guy that has more heart than talent. The talented submission artist pulls out an early finish in this one.

Risky Picks

Andrew Holbrook – $8,800 – Holbrook’s game is relentless submission attempts going up against Thibault Gouti, who can be controlled and taken down. The only problem is Holbrook’s chin. He could very well get caught by a power punch of Gouti and take the L. Too risky for $8,800 salary when there are better options on the card.

Michel Prazeres $9,400 – Michel should win this fight against against UFC newcomer Mads Burnell. He should take him down and have top control most of the fight. This pick is risky because I don’t think Prazeres will finish Burnell. Burnell is very good off his back which could end up to low points from a decision win. Also Burnell is slick with submissions and could very well pull off a huge upset here. Prazeres is not worth this risk at this high of a salary. I’ll pass!


That wraps up my DraftKings UFC Fight Night 115 Picks.

Use these picks to create a winning DraftKings lineup.

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Also let me know what you think of my DraftKings UFC Fight Night 115 Picks in the comments below and be sure to share your own insight on the fights this weekend.

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