Derrick Lewis Lends Helping Hand to Houston

Derrick Lewis goes to Houston to help those affected by Hurricane Harvey.

Past couple days there have been many reports of Derrick Lewis dropping everything and heading to Houston, TX to help those affected by hurricane Harvey. According to, in an interview with ESPN, Lewis talks about his experience and why he felt like he needed lend a hand. Lewis goes on to state:

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“First of all, me and my wife was watching the news and we heard that the officers are not going to be going out. The only way they’re going to be going out is life or death situations. I seen that and didn’t really like that so I went out and tried to help as many people as I can.”

Lewis also stated that he ahs helped over 100 people so far in his efforts. He goes on to say that he isn’t done lending a helping hand either. Lewis also stated that there are other towns that he wants to help out in. A town on his radar also affected badly from the hurricane is Beaumont, TX. “They’re a few miles away from Houston and a couple buddies of mine, right now we are cooking, we barbecuing, and getting everything prepared to head out that way.

Lewis is constantly posting updates on his Twitter account keeping everyone updated on the help he is providing. Also sharing ways you can help those affected by the hurricane as well. You can check out Lewis’ Twitter page at:¬†

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