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Dear Santa: A MMA Christmas Wish List

By Keith Shillan and Justin Peck

During the month of December, boys and girls from across the entire world attempt to be good all season and then send letters to Santa Clause requesting toys for their performance. Well, two of our writers Keith Shillan and Justin Peck has been SOMEWHAT good this year. So they each sent their Christmas wish list to Santa requesting three things each. Here are their lists.

Keith’s List:

1. Conor McGregor to stop talking about boxing:

Dear Santa,

Please have Conor McGregor stop talking about boxing. I am sick of the biggest star in the UFC talking about a different sport. It is an attention grab, nothing more. No boxing commission is going to allow a guy with a 0-0 record to face Floyd Mayweather Jr, who has a perfect 49-0 record. The main stream media loves talking about McGregor vs Mayweather. But there are tons of matchups for McGregor. Khabib Nurmagomedov, Tony Ferguson, Jose Aldo Jr, Max Holloway, Nate Diaz, Tyron Woodley and even Georges St. Pierre.

2. Georges St. Pierre would either return or retire:

Dear Santa,

Please have Georges St. Pierre return to fighting or retire. Nobody has higher respect for St. Pierre than me. In my recent top 25 fighters of All-Time, I ranked him #1. I would be thrilled if he return and challenged for either the welterweight or middleweight title. I would even be happy if he just did dream matchups against guys like Anderson Silva or Conor McGregor. I would be happy to see him face anybody, but I can’t deal with the “will he come back” question that we have asked for years. Either return or announce that you are done for good, so we could all move on.

3. Speed Up the Fox Sports 1 cards:

Dear Santa,

Please have the UFC speed up the Fox Sports 1 card. I am a hardcore fan, who is going to watch every fight on a UFC card. From the first on the Fight Pass Prelims to the main event. But if you watch all them, it could be 6 to 7 hours long. Only the most hardcore fans are going to watch that long. I understand that this is unlikely to change. Commercials bring in money, so they are gonna have all the ones you can have. But we can change some things. Stop with all the promos for the main event. If someone is watching early prelim fights, they are most likely to watch the main event, unless it takes so long to get to that they fall asleep. Let’s have these speed up already.


Justin’s List: 

1. Cut CM Punk: 

Dear Santa,

Enough is enough, have the UFC cut CM Punk. After his fight with Mickey Gall, it was very clear that Phil Brooks is just an average guy who gave fighting a shot. It’s not safe to have him in the octagon with fighters on this level. He can hang his trunks on the fact that he tried. No more celebrities fighting. If you want to use him to host shows or interview fighters fine, but no more fighting.


2. UFC Sign Michael Chandler:

Dear Santa,

I don’t care how, but have the UFC sign Michael Chandler. Chandler is a great promoter and an even better fighter. He is talented enough to stand with anyone in the weightclass and put on a great show.  Regardless of how much you give him, it’ll pay for itself. I know he is under contract with Bellator, but this is a Christmas wish list. Send us a Christmas miracle.



3.  UFC come to Atlantic City or Philadelphia:

Dear Santa,

This one is a bit selfish, but bring a UFC event to Atlantic City or Philadelphia in 2017. I’d love for a UFC event to come to either city so I can go while saving some travel time and cash. Atlantic City hosts MMA events often and always draws a good crowd,and there’s plenty of fighters from the area to make up a great card. Atlantic City used to be a hotbed for the UFC. Please bring that back.



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