Darren Stewart’s Win Over Francimar Barroso Changed to No Contest

A day after UFC light heavyweight, Francimar Barroso appealed his controversial TKO loss to Darren Stewart, the Comissao Atletica Brasileira de MMA (CABMMA) changed the fight to a No Contest.

Stewart was originally rewarded a victor over Barroso by 1st round TKO of the opening fight of this past weekend’s UFC Fight Night 100. The fight was controversial when Stewart stepped in to clinch with Barroso and accidentally headbutted Barroso. While Barroso was visible hurt, he was was taken down by Stewart, who quickly finished Barroso off with strikes.

CABMMA ruled that the referee should have stepped in and given Barroso time to recover from the accidental headbutt.

There is no word yet, if the two fighters will rematch next.

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