Keith's profileKeith Shillan

Founder / President

Lives in Coventry, Rhode Island. Has been a fan of MMA since 1995. Someone once said “Keith knows more about MMA than the Pope knows about the Bible”. Writes some of the breaking news articles, contributor in the rankings, does most of our interviews, co-host of the Clinch Live Cast, and writes many of the segments on the site, and runs our Twitter page. He also co-host the News and Notes show with Kyle Steele from Loud Mouth MMA.

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Justin Peck

Editor / V.P. of Operations

Lives in Paulsboro, New Jersey. Has been a fan of MMA since 2013. Considered the brains of the day to day operations. Justin writes some of the breaking news articles, is lead host of the Clinch Live cast, and runs our Instagram, and Facebook pages. He is also is one of the administrators for our partner website and their private Facebook group.

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davestuart David “Chicken Parm” Stuart

Editor / V.P. of Content Contribution

Lives in Warwick, Rhode Island. Has been a fan of MMA since 2005. Has a great vast knowledge of MMA, and has extensive experience in media relations. Dave brings his knowledge and unique perspective to the site, to help continue to bring the best MMA content possible. Plus, he has a sense of humor that isn’t matched in the industry. He is one of the co-host of the Clinch live cast and Chicken Parm MMA chowdown videos, and does most of the editing of our videos.

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Jason Powers

Senior Staff Writer

From Tampa, Florida, but currently lives in Jufair, Al Manamah, Bahrain. Been a fan of MMA since 2002. Jason brings a very professional writing style to his segments. Jason is a master of details, and painting a picture for his readers, while expressing his love of MMA in his work. Jason writes many of our lead articles, including the fighter of the week segment. He also contributes to our top 10 rankings.

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zakZak Katine

Staff Writer

Lives in Fort Myers. Florida. Zak has been a fan of MMA since 2005.  Zak has a great knowledge of MMA, and a unique, in your face writing style. He is the jack of all trades when it comes to the material on the site. He is always willing to write a new segment or help in anyway to help the growth of his sport. Zak is one of the leading writer of many segments like the Great Debate, contributes to our top 10 rankings, and has been a fill in host of the Clinch.

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coryCory Groeneveld

Vice President

Lives in Norway, Michigan. Cory is the newest member of the MMA Takeover. Cory is a new fan of MMA, starting in 2015. But though he lacks longevity, he is obsessed with MMA, and a very dedicated staff member. Cory has grown in his knowledge of MMA  amazingly in such a short time. Cory is a one of the dedicated writers of the Great Debate, runs our staff predictions page, runs our UFC pickem page and is also a lead contributor to our partners page,

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 Curt Smith

Staff Writer

From Morrisville, Pennsylvania, but currently lives in Punta Gorda, Florida. Curt has been a MMA fan since 2006. Curt has a vast knowledge of the sport. He is more than willingly to pick the underdog in major fights, and is usually correct in picking them. He has a very strong writing style, where he really tries to explain to the reader, who the fighters are, and what to look out for. Curt is one of the main writers on several segments, like the Great Debate. Curt is also the writer of the weekly Outside the Octagon segment. Curt has been a guest on the Clinch Livecast. He is also one of the lead contributors to our partners site

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Garrett Kerman

Staff Writer

AKA The Miami Money Maker. From Miami, Florida. Garrett has been a fan of MMA since 2006. Garrett’s expertise is his ability to break down a fight from a technical standpoint. He has a strong writing style, where he isn’t scared to make a bold prediction. Garrett has a long history as a MMA handicapper. He is a proven winner at giving MMA gambling tips. He writes a weekly article called “Take it to the Bank” where he gives all his gambling plays for the week. Garrett also contributes to our staff predictions, monthly rankings, and writes part of the Great Debate. Garrett is also a guest on several other MMA podcasts giving out the best advice.

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Nick Portella

Staff Writer

Nick is from Hamilton, New Jersey. He has been a fan of MMA since 1993, but has been a hard core fan since 2005. Nick is one of the hardest working people in the MMA media industry. He is known for always hustling and getting the inside scoops. Nick has been working in the industry for a long time. He used to be a writer for two other MMA media outlets, but luckily he is on our team now. Nick writes the Q and A writing interviews with fighters, contributes in the Great Debate, staff predictions, and top 10 rankings.

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Kyle Steele 

LoudMouth MMA Podcast

The LoudMouth MMA Podcast formed early November 2016 and has been striving to release the best content ever. Weekly shows include Fight Recaps and Breakdowns, Live Fight Companions, MMA News, Interviews with some of the biggest names in the sport, and much more. The podcast can be found on iTunes, Stitcher, SoundCloud, essentially anyway you listen to podcasts. Please visit to learn more.

 Contact Kyle on Twitter: @LoudMouthMMA
Kelton Frink
MMA Kelton
Kelton was born and raised in a small town in North East Connecticut then has moved & lived in Tampa Florida the last 7 years. He’s been a fan of MMA since the mid 2000’s and then started following the sport to an extreme extent in 2014. Kelton is now the host of Breakdowns & Numerous series on YouTube & now Bets on the sport on a week to week basis where he has put together a winning tracked record. Kelton’s monthly video “Hardcore’s Delight” can be shown on our page Kelton aspires to become a widely known name in the sport.
Contact Kelton on Twitter: @MMAKelton

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